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  1. Lufkin not being ranked in this top 10 for 5A is a little surprising. Considering we were top 10 pretty much all season last year while going 30-8 (14-1) and we’re returning 7 starters from a regional semifinalist team.
  2. I was on a cruise ship that night. Was so bummed I was gonna miss the game. I think by the time I got big nasty on my phone it was like 42-0 for almost an hour and a half I couldn’t figure out why nobody was texting me score updates. Longview showed up looking like the 2000 St. Louis Rams offensively. Daddy King had to show up and put little Todd Quick in his place
  3. Unexpected win for Lufkin was on the road against A&M Consolidated. I guess heartbreaking loss would be down in McKinney against North when we let a 17 point 4th qtr lead slip away to knock us out of playoff contention. (Honorable mention for unexpected performance would be against Lancaster) had’em on the ropes all night long.
  4. Lufkin defeats Montgomery 47-38 to move to 18-1 on the season. Next up. New Caney tournament Dec. 27-28 Lufkin Lady Pack basketball was 9-7 on the season to best of my knowledge. Hard to find coverage on our girls.
  5. Lufkin survived an upset bid last night over Pine Tree 48-43. Lufkin was playing without freshmen star guard Austin Brown. Pack moves to 17-0 on the year.
  6. Lufkin Basketball wins the Hardin-Jefferson Tournament. Game 1.) 61-52 over Nederland Game 2.) 88-37 over Buna Game 3.) 54-46 over LCM Game 4.) 54-26 over Anahuac Game 5.) 61-52 over LaPorte Game 6.) (Championship) 45-33 over LCM Lufkin improves to 15-0 on the season. #8 in 5A. Next: vs 4A #3 Silsbee Tuesday in Lufkin.
  7. Longview fans troll? Literally haven’t seen that. There’s quite the difference in what you’ve been saying versus what they’ve been saying.
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