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  1. Y’all see this play calling from Scott green?? idiot.
  2. Without changes this off-season, it will be worse next year.
  3. Been that way most of the year. Last week at home against MN was empty too. We’re sick of it.
  4. Actually fam, that’s not who I am. Although I know exactly who and what you’re talking about. You don’t really like anybody that has a different opinion than you man. I’ve never even took a personal shot at you lol.. I’ve called myself out on our Lufkin site for being negative have I not? It’s all because of the staff. I’ve said a million times I have zero faith in them to build any team to a winner. We would have to be stacked to even compete. All I was saying this off season and last year was that we wouldn’t be a good team until the staff is re-built. I’ve even acknowledged the talent on the defensive side that you’ve been calling for years. But what’s happening this season is what I’ve been saying all along. A bad O-line, decent QB play and horrible coaching. Is that so bad to say?
  5. Nah, I just don’t drown myself in that purple kool aid. I know our program is a joke now and I can admit it. I don’t live in denial nor am I stuck in 2005. You don’t know crap anyways. All off season “we’re gonna compete with Longview and beat them in 2024” lmao… Gtfoh.
  6. I honestly doubt it, just because they appear to be much better as it is and Lufkin has never responded to a loss in the todd quick era very positively anyways. Longview kicked our teeth in last year and then we went to Forney and played like crap the next week and got beat again. Fast forward a year and here we go. At least this time it’s in Lufkin, but idk. Friday can’t get here fast enough. I’ll know exactly how our season is gonna end after Friday.
  7. No sir! Lol.. If you go read through the Lufkin board I was one of the few Lufkin fans that kept saying we couldn’t play with Longview and I was crucified for it lol
  8. About as bad as some of them Lufkin fans going into the Longview game lol. That 4-0 start got’em feeling some type of way regardless who those wins were against
  9. Ain’t no way you believe this man. Longviews defense is unbelievable.
  10. I would rather be in their shoes right now more than ours lol.. This year and next are supposed to be the good years for Lufkin and we’re still 50 points worse than Longview
  11. Personally I still think Lufkin is better than Tyler. Hard to tell just yet. I don’t think anybody in this district is messing with Longview. Obviously we will all know more about Forney after playing Lufkin this week. I expect another big loss for us but who knows. I think Tyler legacy is better than all of the teams they’ve played. We will know soon enough.
  12. C’mon man. With this staff and program nowadays? We know how this ends.
  13. Final: Pack 47 Nac 28 Once we started subbing things got sloppy.
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