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  1. Whitehouse lost to Nac. The one time I can say this, good job Nac!
  2. The year is 2042 and Longview has just won their 28th straight game over Lufkin while coach quick just celebrated his 81st birthday with a celebratory post game dinner with coach green to talk about how many bubble screens to call next week.
  3. Yep. That top 4 will be the playoff teams. The rest of us just gonna be hanging out having a tea party. Lufkin folks gonna be acting like a coaching change is coming after missing the playoffs two years in a row
  4. Nah. We actually are having success at a lot of stuff but football right now. Baseball, basketball and volleyball all better than our soccer program lol.. Soccer was good from 2015-2019
  5. Lufkin starting to show true colors now. Our win over consolidated was a fluke. Forney took us to the woodshed 41-21. We are not a good football team. McNorth and Cujo both will beat us.
  6. Lufkins JV doesn’t scare me because our good sophs are playing on Friday nights but our fish smdh.. That particular group isn’t anything special. They took some beat downs at the junior high level
  7. All very good teams. Ill just have to see it to believe it lol. Timberview has that cupcake schedule.
  8. Panther Creek has been getting hammered. Not sure how they have any of the talent there
  9. Longview would completely dominate PA. I seriously don’t see anyone in 5A stopping the lobos this year. Complete domination from start to finish. Only thing to stop Longview would be Longview. Just unbelievably loaded.
  10. I think Longview wins this game along the lines of 35-14. Wouldn’t be shocked at 42-14. I just think they are that good. Freight train headed full steam downhill. Good luck to anybody that has to play them lol
  11. This is crazy isn’t it? I told someone the other night that was our first 3-0 start since outlaw and they were like no way.. Yes way. Thank Longview for the majority of those 2-1 starts lol.. I also caught the 5 year apart seasons.. 2012 was purely for outlaw. Should’ve never lost to Plano west but that’s another story for another time. 2017, well y’all know how that goes. So yeah, I guess it’s time to make a little run again. However, 4-0 is highly unlikely but not impossible. I really need to see some competitiveness against the Lobos to start believing. And I don’t mean 5 Longview turnovers that keep us in it either. Still looking forward to Friday though. Ready to check out this #1 team and see where the Pack really stands. I’m interested to hear yalls opinions afterwards. Close game or blowout. I’ll be waiting to hear what y’all have to say lol
  12. Idk man. 43-6 to horn is bad right now. Not necessarily losing to them but dang. By 37 and only scoring 6?? They will have to significantly improve by then. They are steadily losing confidence. That’s a sinking ship.
  13. All big facts. Watching this Oline kills me lol Hammond is the right option out of the two we have, but man I miss the days of having a duel threat athlete that could sling it back there. As for the mistakes, we can’t have that next week unless we wanna lose by 35. We should’ve beat Lee by 5 TD’s. Probably should’ve beat Consol tonight by another 10 points or so. Can’t leave all that out there next week.
  14. Yeah man exactly. We will be 3rd in this district if not 2nd. Nobody is beating Longview this year. Period.
  15. Lufkins passing game is just blah. We are running the ball well. Kedren young absolutely slaughtered consolidateds D. Our defense is just straight balling. Happy to be having this success after last year and with a young team. However, they ain’t seen what next week is bringing lol.. I just wanna be competitive and keep it respectable
  16. Final. Lufkin 31 Consol 14. See you Lobos next week. Take it easy on us lol
  17. Last year was so bad. 2020 was too. But last season… Being in a slug fest with CLEVELAND? Getting boat raced by Waller… Goodness I don’t even wanna think about it
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