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  1. I was there but you can't say anything about no trash points because the game got within 4 points in the 4th quarter. Foul trouble can be a problem no doubt about it, just part of the game sometimes. Refs are on war path sometimes and as a fan you hate watching it.
  2. Anderson-Shiro, Central-Heights Hoop Fest and then Cold-Spring again
  3. lol no way you're justifying a 22 point loss. The Biggest deficit in the game was Grapeland up 14 not "20+". I've been a Grapeland fan and Crockett fan for a long time because my nephews played for them some years back. Lets just call it what it is though.
  4. I am sitting here thinking that Grapeland really put it on Crockett because you said Grapeland Smacked Crockett. It was 8 points man. now Grapeland REALLY SMACKED Franklin. 75-53
  5. Wow they do match up well, i just looked Crockett averages 42 ppg and allows 18.6 ppg and Troy averages 46.2 ppg and allows 25.5 ppg. With the numbers being so close like they are why do you say "Depends on how the Crockett coach calls the game"? with work I miss a ton so I am just trying to get caught up.
  6. If Crockett and Troy both make it that should be a good game based on what I have heard on both teams
  7. okay my mistake on that so were the Franklin and Arp years back to back? that's two back to back deep runs and usually after that there are some down years. community of Crockett is a lot different now, town support is important I'm ready to see Crockett get their first State title that town deserves it. Good Luck Dogs!!
  8. Having many friends and family in Crockett i just dont think you could be further from the truth pal. No knock on Jamie driskell but i don't believe he has won state playing or coaching no matter how close he has got. One of my best friends played on that 90's team and have known Monte Jack for many years. Do you ever thank that maybe just maybe that in 2016 Franklin was the better team? Notoriously bad just seems dramatic if they were so good in 2016 and made the playoffs last year and seem to be on pace to making them again this year. again tho just my opinion
  9. Sheesh! that is impressive. Franklin has been dominant for many years. Was very surprised to see y'all lose last year, arguably the best team in 3A last year. Just my opinion
  10. my dad coached for 33 years in north texas and if there is one thing i learned its not always the coaches fault or always the players fault. Sometimes you just don't have it that night, but i see finger pointing is the most popular trend these days.
  11. looking at the scores from last year the Crockett vs Diboll game looked to be close at times. who wins when Diboll and Franklin match up?
  12. Finally got to see the game film. Crockett couldn't get the special teams phase down, but to say bad play calling might be a bit of a stretch. Garrison is a really good football team who is well coached regardless of classification. Crockett should have won this one just seemed like to many mistakes to overcome. Great win for Garrison moving forward. I look for Crockett to bounce back in a big way.
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