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  1. MOUNT VERNON Congratulations to the players, coaches, and fans of Mount Vernon. You had a wonderful season and I wished it could have continued. I watched four of your games and thought the Tigers were a competitive team. Y’all exceeded all my original expectations. Please do not take this as anything less than a great completement. Mount Vernon was able to overcome several teams that had more physical talent and make it to the state semifinals. Jim Ned proved that controlling the opponents time of possession could still work. I hated to see either team lose due to the effort, prepar
  2. Could someone post the Rosters for each school?
  3. Texas Hometown Football I was at the game and Shiner was a physically larger and more mature team (22 seniors). In the last UIL state track meet Shiner showed who was the fastest team in the state. Several of those athletes played last night. Shiner matched Timpson’s speed in the backfield, wideouts and secondary. The Comanches were much faster up front. I’m sure the Timpson players have never been hit that hard in their life. Once I saw the physical difference, I knew my pick of Shiner by 10 points was out the window. Shiner will lose a bunch of players and many are linemen; howev
  4. I have scouted or watched Franklin play since the early 70's and this is the most talented backfield they have fielded. Senior Seth Spiller is 6’2”-190 lbs. and has speed and power. Sophomore Bryson Washington (6’1”-185 lbs.) is fast and strong and is a homerun treat. Bryson’s older brother Bobby is senior and is 5’7”-175 lbs. and is very quick. The Lions defense is strong versus the run but is not near as solid defending the pass.
  5. Well, I read where some of the posters are pulling for Jim Ned due to a past QB from Jim Ned. Using that rational most East Texans my age (old) would be rooting for Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon's Dandy Don Meredith is my favorite QB of all time. I viewed Mount Vernon's Facebook page and noticed the name of their Tiger mascot is "Dandy Don." Using that criteria, I must favor the Tigers. In addition to Dandy Don, long time NFL offensive center Bobby Maples is from Mount Vernon.
  6. Please provide information regarding radio, internet, or TV broadcast for any of the following games: Hallettsville vs Llano Canadian vs Gunter Waskom vs Franklin Post vs Crawford Timpson vs Shiner Wellington vs Windthorst Mart vs Falls City
  7. Your rhetoric is not persuasive or logical. I would ask what your point? However, I would rather not entertain your response.
  8. Shiner is a senior loaded team with seven or eight outstanding juniors and sophomore. Timpson is young and will be hard for them to beat such a talented older team. The Bears may be a little short this year but watch out in 2021 their talent will be experienced and ready to go.
  9. I went to the Gunter-Eastland game and the seating on the home is was just fine and not 40 yards from the field. I didn't hear one Eastland fan complain about their seats. Only complaint I heard was some DA stating that Gunter has AAAA enrollment. Eastland enrollment is larger than Gunter.
  10. Texas Hometown Football Jim Ned Indians The Jim Ned Indians was picked second in district behind Wall and returned 7 offensive and 4 defensive starters from a 7-4. The JV that did not lost a game in middle school or high school. The Indians lost their opening game to Ballinger by a score of 20-14. Over the next five games Jim Ned beat Eastland, Cisco, Hallettsville, and Wall. The Indians have not lost since week one. In the Brock game Jim Ned came out on fire. On Brock’s first play the Indians recovered a fumble on the Brock 20-yard line. Brock held and faced a third and eight a
  11. Malakoff’s offense is considerably better than Gladewater’s offense. Malakoff’s passing game is far superior. The QB is a better passer and runner. The stable of wide receivers are much better than Gladewater’s and the tandem of running backs are close to Gladewater’s Carter. The offensive lines are not comparable
  12. I watched the district game between Franklin and Buffalo. Buffalo will need to come up with a plan to slow Franklin's running game down. I think to at least 28 points. Buffalo will score 3 to 5 touchdowns. The Bison's QB and # 32 are very good players. Just don't no if the defense can step up. If EF wins they will not do well against Franklin. EF did not stop an average running game. Franklin will score at will on EF.
  13. Hopefully Timpson will win; otherwise, Region III will be embarrassed by Region IV (again). Timpson may or may not be able to play with Region IV this year, but they will next year.
  14. I think Malakoff will probably win; however, to think it will be a walk-over is a little too much. Someone is forgetting who is calling shots at MV. He is one of the best Texas HS football has ever seen. I'm not taking a thing away from Jamie Driskell...in time he will prove he will be on that list.
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