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  1. We will agree to disagree...SA had their chances as did Shiner and neither beat Refugio so we can argue back and forth all day about who was 2nd or 3rd best...bottom line it will always be only an opinion...
  2. yes i did and still say they would be 3rd in my mind...it's ok that you disagree, that's what keeps this board entertaining...
  3. Guess I could say the same to you...Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
  4. I don't know that Dismissing would be the correct word...I think they would be a toss up for 3rd for sure
  5. I agree and I made the comment last week that the championship game was held in CyFair at the Berry Center and folks disagreed. I truly believe that Refugio and SA were the best 2 teams. My hats off to Refugio for getting it done.
  6. SA beat Colt McCoy and the Jim Ned Injuns in the Championship game in 2003. We lost to CC, Garrison and Kirbyville that year.
  7. Glad we finally agree on something. I’m sure ur team started offseason 5 weeks ago lol
  8. My name is Scott. I have nothing to hide. How’s that Goldy?
  9. And if you read the next comment by me you’d see that I said I don’t know that the blatant pass interference call would have changed the outcome of the game. When Joe gets this far, come see me, but until then the best Joe can do is hope Newt wins the sheriff race so y’all have something to brag about because that’s as close as Joe will get to winning anything
  10. Shiner who? Did they play last night?
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