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  1. naw not upset, wasnt talking to you to begin with, just responding to a comment and had to point it out for ya
  2. yep they did and might would again if they had everyone that night, never know, but I doubt it
  3. see this is whats funny, your not relevant, and prob sucked at playing this game. I did not talk to you, respond to any of your comments or anything about the joaquin-timpson game, I responded to a comment that was talking about sville fans in this thread, so these statements have everything to do with that comment from a joaquin fan since you are not smart enough to figure it out to begin with. My comment was done and over with after the response to the Joaquin person about Sville, wouldnt be talking anymore about it if you would shut up. Joaquin hats off to ya, great game the other night and a good football team, Timpson you are loaded again, good luck to ya, Tenaha just keep doing what u doing in DIVISION 2, lol, and yep very happy not to be Center!
  4. Also me saying I would like to see sville play a team in the playoffs that beat them by 6 while sville is getting better every week and starting to gel in their new system is a pretty legit thing to say, so Grapeland game back in week one doesnt mean anything
  5. yep sure did, only thing i can say is they were down several players and a few starters as well for that game and it all happened 1AND 2 days before the game, so since you dont know anything other than the score of a game u really shouldnt comment. THAT HAPPENED
  6. what u mean, i haven't gone anywhere, would love to see yall in the playoffs if it can work out that way
  7. We will see Friday, only thing I may change is Garrison game when I get some info, but no need to change the other one buddy
  8. SVILLE 7th 34 groveton 0 SVILLE 8th 32 groveton 12
  9. not getting big headed over it, score would have been reversed against grapeland had all sville players been there, and yes they are better than garrison
  10. Yes that will be a good one. Well SVille is not Timpson so I dont see them beating Waskom but anything can happen, with that being said SVILLE is not Garrison either so 55-0 is not happening either since Waskom beat Garrison 45-0. SVILLE will score on them and will be a better game than 45-0.
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