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  1. Garrison Jefferson Joaquin Tenaha SVILLE Grapeland Alto
  2. Joaquin, Tenaha, SVILLE, Beckville, Frankston, Hemphill, Garrison
  3. ill take Shelbyville in this one and it really shouldnt be close
  4. not acting like anything only responding at first when you were talking #### about sville qb, then u call me genius because u butt hurt i pointed it out, SVille also won last year. Hats off to ya, I know SA has athletes and are young as well. Good thing i guess a lot of injuries happened this year for a bunch of young kids to get a lot of playing time here, so this team is young as well. You probably wont be thumping anything next year either.
  5. Should have made him throw more then genius and maybe you wouldnt have gotten spanked 36-0. hope yall can hit the backboard since u setting home again for the playoffs
  6. well says a lot for the run defense if he cant hit side of a barn, they should have put everyone in the box to stop the run if he cant throw
  7. Could be a good game, SA is a much better team than their record is, going with SVILLE by a couple scores at least if they execute and play smart
  8. naw not upset, wasnt talking to you to begin with, just responding to a comment and had to point it out for ya
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