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  1. Frankston over Tim..... sorry MONKE gotta go laugh at myself for saying it
  2. After two years of one and dones MONKE hoping to see flying limzards advance. It would be big for Bembo program
  3. MONKE thought he would never see the day Alto missed the playoff
  4. MONKE say Herletan wins this one. After watching them in AA DI the have good shot at the win.
  5. All I ever hear from that man is "duinldjcnljfnclbladenad, GEAUX Tigas"
  6. And so it was that the Rams were brought back down to earth
  7. Anyone can make a big here and there Timpson is just better than most at making those big plays. But personally I think Joe's consistency is what gives em the edge over Timpson
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