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    Disciplining the simple minded in the art of nobody cares and partnering with, "It's quiet hours." -- Deshmond Johnson

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  1. It appears the Dragons can most definitely breathe fire. Like I said, ... game of week just not for the baby rams!!!! So, what happened I thought Rams were supposed to blow S-Ville out. The mighty Dragons will prevail!!!!
  2. First off I would like to remind you who began this Shelbyville/Juaquin argumentative text on this thread, and secondly, we also have an amazing baseball program that, if I do believe is correct, has also beat Juaquin countless times in the recent years. If you would like to continue this debate you can email me at [email protected]
  3. Yes, indeed I do. I have anything you would ever need. Need to take out a high value target, how about raid North Korea. The only thing my arsenal cannot defeat is the Division II Shelbyville Dragon Football Team of East Texas. Although, I run an underground organization, so no talking, only the selling and purchasing of goods to supply the common man.
  4. Well I personally have been hiding out in my secluded nuclear bunker out in the Turkish Empire.
  5. Well sorry I can’t get all the statistics on how many times we’ve beat or lost to y’all, but if you wanna start talking #### about basketball....When’s the last time the Rams beat Shelbyville in basketball????
  6. Couldn't agree with this more!!! Although, it still doesn't take away from the fact that the Rams are gonna have a hard time keeping up with the Shelbyville Dragons! It will be the game of the week alright, .....just not for Juaquin.
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