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  1. I don't care how much yelling I do. I can't rise Cain. Herman-Cain-2011.webp
  2. GOP senators break with Trump following his 'bizarre' Sean Hannity interview (msn.com)
  3. I bet your the type of person who goes into his yard and turns blades of grass that leans left, and turns them to the right side. lol
  4. IT WAS ME !!!! IT WAS ME !!! I'm let the dogs out, o.k. I'm also the real Slim Shady Have mercy on me !!
  5. He should have just gone on Smoaky.com political section , and just yelled at Trumpsters on here. The worst he would have gotten was banned.
  6. Both parties. Interest rates were low to combat The Great Recession. The recession has been over for over a decade. The Feds never raised the interest rates back up.
  7. Your half right. Printing money does cause inflation. So does low interest rates. It was so low the last dozen years that it was almost free money given away by the banks. That drove up prices in the housing , stock market and other things.
  8. The rich want low interest rates . That way they can borrow more money at little cost. Which causes more inflation. Middle class needs higher interest rates so it will end inflation. Class warfare at its finest.
  9. You are just mad because your eyesight is failing, and you took an Estrogen shot by mistake.
  10. All the hatred for illegals, but no hatred for the companies that hire them. No jobs for illegals, no illegals.
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