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  1. Same thing for the college campus police. At least the Sheriff has to answer to the voters.
  2. Fox paid seven figures to settle lawsuit over bogus Seth Rich conspiracy story https://www.forbes.com/sites/jemimamcevoy/2020/11/24/fox-news-settles-years-long-lawsuit-over-seth-rich-murder-conspiracy-theories/
  3. I believe a Clinton, Trump, and a whole lots of other powerful people hung out with Epstein for illegal activity reasons. This garbage goes across both party lines.
  4. I know they should, but they don't. Servers usually report their 2.15 an hour wage, and their credit card tips to the IRS. Most servers don't think they will get caught.
  5. Bat tenders and servers don't report their cash tips usually.
  6. I did check my lumber stocks today.
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