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  1. Who in the Heck still reads books ? Ok maybe Barry . So many different ways. My kids use audiobooks
  2. I wonder if this is true, or not. It could be somebody playing the old look at China, and don't look at us card. This just don't make sense. When China invades Tawain. The first thing the US would do is seize all of China's assets in the US. China knows this. So why would China keep buying American assets in America ?
  3. We are both probably right on this one. Both areas we described is a very religious groups of people. They both probably friendlly argue which one is more religious.
  4. So does the govt step in and make sure that every diagnosed mentally ill person can get their medicine even though they can't afford it ? Medicine for mental illness is one of the most expensive medicine their is. It is usually on the top tier on your pay charts for people who have insurance.
  5. Wrong !!!! The Bible Belt is the Plains area of the US. Iowa, Nebraska, Kansa, etc.....
  6. Funny, PornHub says the biggest porn viewers in America is the so-called Bible Belt. Bible Belt, MAGA areas biggest users in the United States of Porn (trunews.com) If you want other sources. Just Google " PornHub and Bible Belt" for a slew of resources.
  7. Right-Wingers are confused on Twitter about the latest school mass shooting. 1. Is it a real shooting done by a Trans-Gender or 2. Another false flag event to take away your guns. You can't make this stuff up.
  8. Pic of shooter 28-year old Trans Aubrey Hale.
  9. I don't care of someone homes schools their kids or sends them to private school. Just don't expect me to pay for it.
  10. Could just be waiting for Friday as last item begore they leave for the weekend. That would be for safety. Time will tell.
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