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  1. That is how you get Monkeypox apparently.
  2. If the Texas grid system goes down again. Then ALL HAIL GOVENOR BETO !!!! It is an election year so no crash coming as far as the grid.
  3. So what is the surplus going to be spent on ? Going to give it back to the tax payers? Property tax relief ? My money is for the rich people to pocket it.
  4. Maybe we the society should punish teachers as a whole by taking away their pension. That way they are like the average American. Which is retirement on your own responsibility. This is what you want isn't it ? Put so much anti-teacher out their were people turn on their school. When enough people turn on teacher, and the teacher approval rating is down the toilet. Then and only then can coporate ,asters take the pension money away for themselves.
  5. Rolling Stone Mag should stick to music, not news.
  6. LINK ? There was 180 pages. My wife and I want to read this kind of stuff from deranged lunatics.
  7. Where can you read the 180 page manifesto ? Provide link please ?
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