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  1. 1. I don't know 2. The window on the door was kicked in. That was were the opening was.
  2. I've heard of it, but never ever been there.
  3. She was just sitting there my...... SHe was trying to enter the door where politicians were. I got no problem shooting looters.
  4. If Ashli Babbitt was a Liberal. You would be cheering ? That is hypocrisy for you.
  5. Again this is likely the ploy being used to do the don't look at me, and blame China. American wealthy has bought both parties out. This housing situation is going to cause anger for the American people of all walks of life.
  6. Unarmed ? A mob can kiill. What would you have done. Let her go through ? Arrest her ? WHile you are trying to arrest her, the mob is coming through the same opening. So again, what would you do.
  7. If everybody went to college, there would be 10 dollar an hour accountants. The 15 dollar and hour is greatly connected to the housing price explosion. If it cost more your property taxes go up. Plus, if you have to pay more for a house you have to jack up rent to cover the cost. It is killing the low-income families. This could become the leading factor for driving the American people to a more socialist agenda.
  8. She was the 1rst one of the mob who tried to climb through the broken door/window. A breach of this door would have given the mob access to one or more elected politicians. Rumored to be VP Pence. The secret service guy did what he was trained to do. Stop the mob. You do this by blocking the whole in the door/window by using a dead body , or you make the mob retreat by shooting the people in front of the mob. That way the mob sees people fall down, and hopefully they fall back in a panic. This is a tragic situation. Ashli Babbit probably just got caught up in the moment.
  9. I've heard that too. I have talked to a real estate a few weeks ago He related it is about nearly 100% American wealthy people buying out all the homes and land. He had dealt with some who owns dozens of homes per person. It has become a fad or keeping up with the Jones attitude. At least that is what is going on in Central Texas and West Texas. He thought the blame on China and other foreign companies was just a tactic to make people who are upset at the prices to place their anger on China instead of the very rich Americans.
  10. I don't care if your a left-or right-wing mob. The secret service are not going to let you rush an elected politician .
  11. I remember growing up , and seeing people who didn't go to college still live a middle class life buy working the factory line.
  12. You were supposed to say Liberals Democrats fault. In reality it was both parties fault for not stopping the corporations from moving jobs overseas.
  13. He lives in Southlake. I think he is probably already banked.
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