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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if this was a disgruntled pilot. Could have turned everything off that tracks it, and then ejected.
  2. Pickems.... Cushing Hull-Daisetta Newton Woodville Jasper Jefferson Hempstead Chilton Acadiana Christian Garrison Timpson Alto Lovelady Joaquin KIPP Generations Hemphill Coldspring Msdisonville Oakwood Malakoff Frankston Elkhart Tidehaven Lone Oak Forney Nacogdoches Waskom Silsbee
  3. I never cared about the story. I just laugh at Boebert's hypocrisy. She is one of these people who goes on TV and tells people how to live their lives. She on the other hand has never followed those same rules.
  4. Kirk love you long time. From Full Metal Jacket also. One of the best movies ever.
  5. It was a kid friendly movie with lots of kids present.
  6. The only thing that is going to stop Biden from serving his full 4-year term is this guy....
  7. Maybe the beginning of Plan"B". Gov. Newsom or somebody else for 2024 Dem nomination.
  8. One of my leagues I have Rodgers & Baltimore's RB DK Robbins.
  9. I just got a 70 yard pick 6 from my defense. I could have used the old defense rules.
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