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  1. Judge rejects Trumpโ€™s claim of immunity in his federal 2020 election prosecution (msn.com)
  2. I know 2 people who said their college debt was paid off. Both were under 2,000 dollars though.
  3. Texas school removes convicted prostitute from multiple positions, including oversight of sex-ed - WFIN Local News This is so un-Godley of her.
  4. 1rst you are mad for Biden paying off student loans. Now you are mad for Biden canceling payments for student loans. Biden Derangement Syndrome much?
  5. Me too! lol That was the worst job I have ever had. My was at the State Womens unit in Gatesville back in late 90s. ( Mt. View )
  6. I have been a CO many years ago. Nobody cares about inmates. Admin told us that they don't care if inmates kill each other, but you don't get injured breaking things up. COs hate the inmates, and the inmates hate the COs.
  7. You can get taken out of the PC unit if you break the rules, like fighting etc...
  8. Usually in PC unit. ( protective custody unit ) However, inmates do have access to them on rare opportunities
  9. Oglesby Chilton Mart Collinsville Sunray Refugio Timpson Tolar Hawley Tidehaven Newton Gunter Franklin Malakoff Brock Bellville Carthage San Antonio Davenport Chapel Hill Anna PNG Lovejoy Corpus Christi Miller Smithson Valley Lancaster Aledo GP Northshore
  10. She still tries to say the Holocaust remarks were sarcasm. I say no way. One thing to deny the Holocaust, and no Jews died during it. However, to say it should have happened, and 6 million Jews should die because they cause all the world's problems. No way she was being sarcastic. She just let the hatred flow out of her mouth.
  11. The money flows in war. Beware of the Military Industrial Complex. We make money blowing stuff up, and rebuilding it.
  12. 4,000 dollars is like two months pay for his rank. The military has to do better. They ( military ) wonders why they have trouble recruiting. The military did this in the 90s also. Lucky for me I only had to pay for a 40 dollar flashlight that broke on me during training.
  13. Regional SEMI-FINALS Pickems Richland Springs Chilton Bremond Lovelady Mart Collinsville Timpson Garrison Marlin Newton Dangerfield Columbus Franklin Malakoff Whitney Cuero Silsbee Alice Chapel Hill Needville PNG Lucas Lovejoy Lancaster GP Northshore Gilmer Carthage
  14. The BE ALL YOU CAN BE Army song is always sung when some private royally messes up.
  15. Major reasons military not hitting recruiting goal. 1. Low birth rate. Not many Generation Z people than they were in past generations. Almost everybody is struggling to find workers 18-25 years old like the hospitality and retail industries. They depend on 18-25 year olds to fill their work place. Basically more people leave the workplace than come into the workplace each day. 2. The few people that are interested tend to be out of shape. This lowers the pool they have to work with.
  16. Israel and Jewish-Americans are mad at Elon for providing the Gazans including Hamas the Starlink system that gives them access to the internet. That of course allows Gazan's footage, and Hamas to get their message out to the world.
  17. this was the player that was injured in the car wreck. He had over two hundred yards rushing last week in the Bi-District game, and was named Big Country player of the week . BIG COUNTRY PREPS PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Hicoโ€™s Powell takes this weekโ€™s accolade โ€“ Big Country Preps
  18. I made it to this game. I didn't realize Hico had both Running Backs out. One got injured in last weeks game. The other got seriously injured in a car wreck going to school a day before the game. Got care flighted , and still in hospital. Both of them were starting linebackers also. Still Lovelady was the better team.
  19. It's the Far Right-Wing Republican way. You have to be a moron to lose money right now in the market.
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