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  1. That was a good video. It wasn't a flamethrowing hate video. It provided me information that I didn't even think of.
  2. Biden didn't fall. He was just showing women how to get around the new ant-abortion laws.
  3. I went to the mail box with a big smile hoping for the magazine. Then smile quickly became a face of sheer terror. I got my Property Appraisal valuation in the mail.
  4. You will click on Drag Racing, and then realize there is no cars.
  5. Someone redoing a sidewalk or some other renovations.
  6. So did they give up on the Model-T ?
  7. In today's world I would set the guy as a great example for other employees to follow. Huge public relations disaster for BK.
  8. Sounds like he was a special needs person. They do make great workers, as they know a lot of people would not give them a chance.
  9. I do agree with this. No way did BK Headquarters know who his name even was. Sounds like now they are making things right. The biggest thing is the huge PR nightmare.
  10. Same here. The story line was so typical and predictable.
  11. He gets a 5 dollar bag of candy, and a Starbuck's cup. i saw this story trending in Twitter today. If you want to know why people are leaving the work force, or not entering the work force. Stories like this are it. Corporations don't care about their employers. https://torontosun.com/news/weird/gift-to-burger-king-employee-with-27-years-of-perfect-attendance-could-be-better BK made 1 billion dollar profit in 2021.
  12. You might want to remind subscribers update their mailing address. In Texas , numerous counties have changed the county roads numbers. For example: one county added a "3" before every county road number. County Road 240 is on County Road 3240. The grace period is over as far as mailing stuff to old address. This was done for 911 physical address reasons.
  13. Very low interest rates since 2008. It was less than 1%. Surprised inflation didn't happen sooner or later.
  14. One day at a time. That is usually how it works.
  15. 1. It is like the high school bully who goes out of the way to bully gays in high school. Then during the 10 year reunion. The high school bully turns out to be gay himself. 2. Its also like the Qanon creeps saying how they are for protecting children from creeps. Then one by one they get arrested for molestation or having underage porn.
  16. My favorite movie of yours is Hills Have Eyes. Your most favorite line is at the end of the movie when you say; " When do we start acting ? "
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