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  1. Lol you just said the same thing I said…….. read all the comments. If you didn’t say nothing I mentioned why are you upset. Eta me say it like this (you are Exactly right on everything you just said) another thing I didn’t bring up Carthage so what was that plug for. I didn’t bash kilgore, much respect. That’s why they play the game. No no one said Gilmer wouldn’t get better but no one said they would either they only said kilgore would. If you make enough mistakes on anyone you most time will lose. Also notice I said I don’t see it being a blow out as well. Or was you so made a Gilmer fan commented til you didn’t even read it. One thing about Gilmer they respect every team they play one by one. And one at a time. Every dog has his day. So respectfully if you care to take the time reread what I said the first time.
  2. Always funny reading these comments. Real funny how everyone says kilgore will get better from last week like Gilmer won’t. Another thing everyone want to cry about the CH turnovers like if that wouldn’t have happened they would have won. Well guess what it did and they lost. Just like our state game last year they blocked the field goal scored and a few other things and we lost. Another thing pressure bust pipes. I see no one talking about the pressure the Dline was putting on CH oline to cause the bad snaps and fumbles. The kid fumbled when we had our whole starting Dline in the game together which wasn’t a lot and I really don’t think CH scored at all on gilmers entire starting D. Love the way Gilmer play teams and give the smokey chat award winning false looks . Gonna be a good game for sure and it won’t be a blow out. Gilmer is not concerned with blow outs. If no one on here have noticed that. One guy said he made his assumptions from the highlights . And as for chapel hill the real dawg on that team is #4
  3. There’s nothing wrong with loving your team. I see a lot of other people on here seem to feel the same way about they team. What you will never see is me doubting my team.
  4. I just want to know if we go smash CS are y’all finally gonna give us our props or are y’all gonna do the same thing y’all do week after week say that the team y’all been saying all week is gonna beat us really ain’t good and we didn’t play no one. I can hear it now “but y’all still didn’t beat Carthage “ you exactly right we didn’t but see this ring?
  5. They said that about Celina tho didn’t they. I still say China springs not better than Carthage. If those two team played again Carthage would beat them by 2 tds in my opinion. I watched the whole game. Carthage just never got going. Just east to get complacent after what 40 straight wins
  6. lol first of all Celina was a good team. Just cause we beat them did not make them A bad team. And yes we respect every team we play that’s why we prepare every week to play the team we play that week even as we did with spring hill…….even though……well obviously you know the last time y’all beat us. Yes we made a good bit of mistakes last night yet we still won by 20. . I know everyone want Gilmer to loose but your only credibility is to talk about the team we are about to play as if we are here by accident when actually it’s only because our 15,16,17 and 18 year old boys still make mistakes. Guess what we only make more mistakes than a lot of kids right now because we are play football and others are playing basketball now for about 5 weeks.
  7. Well just know this I think we have been told about 5 times we had to play clean to beat a team. Gilmer is a complete team as well even with all the penalties lol. I say this again just because CS beat Carthage don’t punch a win for them cause Carthage beat Gilmer. Watching a team and knowing a aren’t the same.
  8. I just want to know when are people gonna just admit that Gilmer is good and maybe people should look out for Gilmer instead of the other way around. Most teams get drove with the penalties that Gilmer get but yet Gilmer still win. Just because China beat Carthage does not mean China will suppose to beat giLmer. And have anyone located tcu44? I’m ready for his loss prediction for Gilmer this week.
  9. I give Celina 14 points at best. We normally spot teams that much.
  10. This list is funny in many ways. I actually kinda thought you knew something til I seen this list. There’s things on this list that makes me say they may not be as good as even I thought
  11. I know it didn’t show but 11 did get hit on this play as well……… just thought that was a point to point out.
  12. I can get with you on that. Celina is a good team and well rounded. Celina will hv the bud ride advantage for sure but Gilmer is a well rounded team as well and getting better and better. What I said in an earlier post to make that part more plan is don’t let what you have seen in watching Gilmer play lead you to believe that Gilmer has put everything out there for the world to see.
  13. I imagine Carthage wants Gilmer to win and loose to China springs in state. Anyone that really knows anything would know why. I know I would feel that way.
  14. Gotta love a game that both teams has something to prove.
  15. You put that perfectly as well. Can’t knock neither program at this point. I mainly was saying as a Gilmer fan we are coming to win just like they are. And why would I think any other way. Right
  16. Yes sir, people never like what they can’t understand lol
  17. Yea we know a lot of you guys that’s not from gilmer or Celina want Celina to win and we know why. Same ones wanted Carthage out wanta Gilmer out. Lol
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