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  1. Hoping for good game tonight. Homecoming for MP, hoping that does not become a distraction. Safe travels for our friends from Nacogdoches. Good luck to both teams and GO TIGERS!!
  2. MP runs the spread. The Tiger defense gave up a couple big plays against SS and then the turnover bug bit the Tigers late in the game including a pick 6 to seal the W for SS. Overall the defense is decent. Oline hasn’t jelled yet and is a work in progress. New system is showing signs of being good but lacking consistency. Haven’t seen LE lately but seems like they are rolling along pretty well. I expect a good game and hard fought battle by both teams
  3. Should be a good game. I'm excited to see the stadium/field improvements that were done a year or two ago. With both teams getting adjusted to new coaching staffs and systems I expect both will have some kinks worked out after game 1 wins. It is never easy to roll into SS and get a win.
  4. I would not be surprised to see a packed house for this one! Always a good rivalry back in the 70's through 93!
  5. I agree with you on this season. GO TIGERS!
  6. Not sure when everything started but 1970's 80's and early 90's was Daingerfield, Pittsburg, and Paris. SS considered us a rivalry but we did not until late 1980's. Pitt/MP last game was 1993 I think. Daingerfield rivalry seemed to start dying off after Coach Alexander left for Henderson in 1989. Thats how I remember it any way lol.
  7. Both defenses played really well last night. Turnovers especially when opponent scores on them are a killer. Mp had chances to pull this one out but Whitehouse D made it tough.
  8. MP and Whitehouse played a few times in the 80's and seemed like we split some games when I was in school.
  9. Sure glad to finally get to see MP playing this season. Hoping for a Tiger win. Good luck and safe travels to all. GO TIGERS!
  10. I was planning to attend that game. Way to cold for me not having a cat in that fight. I drove through the parking lot and about froze just watching everyone shiver! And yes the wind chill was in the low single digits best I remember.
  11. 1995 Playoff game in Mesquite between MP and SS. WInd was howling and SS side was in the shade so they had to be colder!
  12. That is about right at the beginning of the season. Couple games back I thought I counted 27 suited up.
  13. Last year this was a shootout. MP has a better defense this year against the run and hopefully learned a lot against the pass last week. Not sure MP offense can score as well as last year though at this point. Really hoping for a good game though. Pine Tree will be a huge challenge for the Tigers for sure. Good luck to both teams and PT Pirates travel safely to MP! GO TIGERS!!!
  14. Not sure the numbers will get better without winning first. I like what our coach is doing on both sides of the ball. Like Mavchamp said we just play so many both ways we run out of gas early.
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