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  1. LE needs to stay focused and lock in. If they do, I believe they can pull the win out. They will need to execute in the red zone and watch penalties..
  2. They are not! I'm realistic enough to say that lol.
  3. Just like you said IF Gilmer comes to play they will have no trouble, it goes both ways. If LE comes to play they will give Gilmer trouble. Last week was not a good game for LE and they didn't come out to play. I'm not saying they will win, however different teams match up differently. Good luck to both teams and hope both stay injury free!
  4. Rooting for the Leopards! They will need to keep the penalties down and play together for a win. I do believe they can match speed and athleticism with Gilmer, so it should be close if they can keep mistakes down.
  5. Good Luck to both!! Going with the Tigers, but wouldn't be surprised either way.
  6. Good Job both teams!! That was a good game. Van QB is going to sleep real good tonight. He played a great game and ran well all night!! Now, all these LE getting beat by 20+ better go back and watch. They could be the sleeper team of their district..They have some pieces, and if they firgure out the puzzle they could be dangerous in district.
  7. Would like to see LE win. However, not sure if that's going to happen. They were missing 5 starters last time they played Van and will be missing some this time too. So, I'm not to confident they will be able to come out with a win. I would love for them to prove me wrong though. Regardless, Go Leopards !
  8. Going with Gilmer. They need to keep penalties down to do this though. However, I think the passing game will be Gilmer’s strength and will be to much for PGs secondary. PGs secondary is suspect IMO.
  9. LE should pull this one out. However, it will be close and interesting if they are still missing 2 or 3 of their starting lineman and QB this week..
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