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  1. Would like to see LE win. However, not sure if that's going to happen. They were missing 5 starters last time they played Van and will be missing some this time too. So, I'm not to confident they will be able to come out with a win. I would love for them to prove me wrong though. Regardless, Go Leopards !
  2. Going with Gilmer. They need to keep penalties down to do this though. However, I think the passing game will be Gilmer’s strength and will be to much for PGs secondary. PGs secondary is suspect IMO.
  3. LE should pull this one out. However, it will be close and interesting if they are still missing 2 or 3 of their starting lineman and QB this week..
  4. Thank you for your honesty. Good luck to you guys!
  5. Grabbing (facemask), pinning down, pushing unnecessary after whistle. He had a personal foul already for this. During that play he was doing the same thing.
  6. The FACT still remains they both were/ should have been ejected!!!!! Take the shades off... Like I said, GROW UP✌!
  7. Wrong!!!!!!! It doesn't warrant punches. Go back up and READ!! Not justifying him throwing punches.... Your comment just shows your maturity level #trash. Grow up!!!
  8. I agree with #1 he played a great game. Good luck to LE & Gilmer this season.. Now, let me answer #4. He was doing some dirty stuff over there! Now, does that justify throwing punches NO! So, both players needed to go..
  9. Right! The good news is the program is moving towards the right direction, even with everything going on. It's just one of those things that will take time.
  10. Right nothing close to what's happening now. Heck one of LEs biggest transfers only moved cause he was told to cut his hair or he couldn't play not because he wanted to jump to a winning team. LE was not winning when he transferred just an average team.
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