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  1. The idiot comment comes from the fact that you said 3A programs couldn't develop next level athletes, while beating up on other schools, when that is not the case at all.
  2. You are a straight running idiot. Gunter's QB is going to Tech. How is that not a next level athlete?
  3. Amazing how little fans were in the stands.
  4. Let's be careful on the great group of players comment. Just because your little Johnny was on the team doesn't mean there was a "great group of players." Where did this happen at?
  5. #5 played the whole game. Didn’t look hurt to me. In fact with the game on the line they got #5 the ball.
  6. That's how you get really average at multiple things and not great at anything.
  7. All of that stuff takes practice time away from what you do 90% of the time.
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