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  1. #15 OK? I know he went out on a pass play/horse collar tackle. Don't remember seeing him come back in. Pretty sure the game was out of reach at that point though.
  2. Might as well stop by and watch. Didn't Hughes Springs game get cancelled?
  3. The new app is atrocious. Plain and simple. Screwed up the coaches job board and now the friday night app. When will it stop
  4. Why are we not talking about QC vs LK?? It's going down at Jack Hetherington Stadium Friday Night!
  5. just is what it is...really easy to point fingers as an admin about how a coach should be doing his/her job. Not many at that level know the ins and outs to the job and what it takes. It's getting to be a constant rotation of people at LK because the higher ups think they know so much. They don't look at the fact that the talent and enrollment is drying up because of lack of industry nearby. Instead, point the finger at the coaches and tell them they're the reason why people are moving away. Sorry but what a satisfying feeling it must be for a coach to leave there and get support from another school district.
  6. Honestly, It's expected. Current admin is a joke. Supt. & Curriculum director think they know athletics.
  7. Lack of Discipline. That's an issue that comes to mind.
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