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  1. Thank you. Home team fans get the screw job on that seating arrangement .
  2. Pulled up video one of the other playoff games in Choctaw. Even the camera is so far away it makes the players look like ants. Is it the home side or the visitor side that has the temporary stands that are just behind the players bench?
  3. Yes was talking about the old stadium. Definitely looks like the stands, at least on one side, are a long ways away from the field. Trying to fit a round square peg into a round hole it seems.
  4. How is that venue for high school football games? Looks like stands are pretty far from field. Any reviews anyone wants to share?
  5. Where can one find total offensive and defensive stats for Texas high school football teams? Also individual stats such as receiving passing rushing etc.? Anyone have a website they can recommend?
  6. Melissa may just be that team of destiny this year. Ennis had their chances but just couldn’t execute. After the long punt return I don’t understand why Ennis got pass happy after two good runs by #25. They could’ve run the clock and scored a touchdown to end it right there but got stupid.
  7. Ennis better physically then expected but they sure do have alot of brain ####. Melissa is beatable but no team all year has taken advantage of a not very good secondary, #8 excluded, except China Spring. #9 on Melissa proving week end and week out he is almost unguardable in single coverage.
  8. Not to mention the stank from the feedlot nearby and a mulch plant. It is not an aesthetically pleasing site thats for sure. All the low level, starter home housing going around the school is an eyesore too.
  9. Melissa historically beat bad teams bad and lost to good teams. The coaching staff has matured over the years and they don’t do the stupid stuff that lost them games in the past. There is still a little bit of playing down to the competition with this group but not like in years past. If HV is like Denison and has a mobile passing QB they could have some success but probably not enough to win. Im wondering if Melissa will stick with the 4-2-5 base defense they used last week going forward. It was genius against LJ and they stopped the run just fine with the front 6 and tremendously limited LJ’s vertical passing. There just wasn’t anywhere to attack them in that alignment. To beat Melissa you are going to have to do to them what they did to Lovejoy and that is slow down the passing attack because they won’t beat you just by the run but your gonna need some dudes. If you don’t pay special attention to #9 like LJ failed to do you will get beat.
  10. Melissa has always had talent now it seems the coaching is finally not losing games that otherwise should have been won. They schemed LJ masterfully especially on defensive side so much that LJ’s offense was pretty ineffective. If they can continue scheming at a high level Melissa can go very far because talent has never been an issue over last 4-5 years.
  11. Melissa was definitely the better team. Very sloppy game by both teams and the refs. Melissa D was pretty strong with a unconventional 3 safety/umbrella look which LJ never solved. LJ has a QB issue that was exposed. Melissa offense was good enough even after all the turnovers. LJ just let #9 of Melissa run free all night and never changed their D on him it appeared and it cost them. #9 for Melissa was best player on the field and it wasn’t even close. Without him they lose by 2 TD’s. Kid is a beast. LJ was out-coached and outplayed and the right team won.
  12. Melissa @ Lovejoy moved back to Thursday.
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