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  1. Sorry sir. Didn’t mean to make you angry. Just saying Gunter could compete up a one division and still win state but not up three divisions. Im sorry if that is offensive to you but it shouldn’t be. I used the Melissa scrimmage just because that was a recent example of them trying compete 3 classes up and it wasn’t competitive. Kudos to them for even taking that scrimmage. I do remember Gunter putting on Melissa but it wasn’t the state championship year but a couple of years later. Melissa was at least a division or two above Gunter at that time and Gunter still spanked em. All this is said to complement Gunter not disparage them. Edit: Gunter did beat Melissa the state championship year but also beat them after the state championship year.
  2. I know I am probably in the minority but it just seems there is too many di I agree Gunter would do we’ll certainly at 3a-d1 and even 4a-d2. I remember they scrimmaged Melissa during covid year 2020 when Melissa was 4a-d1 and Melissa very much dominated them. Gunter is in such a great geographical location drawing from the growing suburbs they are going to be very good no matter what division they play in for a long time. You would just think they would get bored but I guess winning is never boring. I know I am probably in the minority but it just seems there are too many divisions and moving to a single division in each classification would make for better competition. If you want more teams that can be state champions then current system is better but competition suffers.
  3. Gunter ought to seriously consider playing up like several other schools across the state do. They have made their mark and really nothing left to accomplish at 3A-D2. I know the parents of the kids on the team love blowouts but my guess is the kids would like stiffer competition then maybe once a season. From this spectator’s standpoint football is only fun to watch if the matchups are at least in the same ballpark talent wise so there is really no need to ever watch Gunter because you already know the outcome.
  4. After seeing Melissa, LJ & SOC play I give the nod by a pretty good margin to SOC in regions 1 & 2. They are big, fast, disciplined and surprisingly effective passing game. Melissa has a nice team but are undisciplined, way too many flags and honestly I don’t think their D is that stout. LJ like Melissa with just an above average defense. Don’t know anything about Emerson but seem to be taking care of business. They are definitely on the radar now.
  5. I guess I saw a different LJ then you guys saw last week. Offense is very good and defense gave up some garbage points at the end to make score looks closer then the game really was. Their stud LB didn’t play much of the third or any 4th qtr. That was against a team that was ranked #3 in a higher division. Unless Argyle comes out as a completely different team then last week I have to believe LJ wins. Argyle did not look good at all last week and didn’t really flash anything to give a lot of hope for a one week turnaround.
  6. SOC to me looks loaded talent wise will it come together? It has in the past. I disagree that Melissa is better on the DL then SOC but do agree on the OL. I think SOC QB/RB compares favorably to Melissa. Depth who knows but Melissa 2nd team didn’t look great in the scrimmage or against Argyle. That being said it all about the Defense to win it all. Melissa my have advantage right now due to experience but I believe SOC will great when its all said and done. If those two teams meet again the winning team may not score more then 14.
  7. I guess the better question is how is it everybody else in town from where they transferred from and where they transferred to know why they transferred but the AD’s and coaches don’t? A rule that is ignored is no rule at all.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. They may as well eliminate the rule altogether at this point. With all the brother-in-lawing between the coaches and AD’s in this state I would imagine that box rarely gets checked.
  9. I guess I don’t understand UIL transfer rules based on the reason I heard he moved to Melissa. Can you move for athletic purposes now and be immediately eligible?
  10. This year Argyle’s team is a shell of it’s former self. Maybe they will pull it together but the talent fall off from prior years was evident. Luckily they are in a weak region 1 which amazingly still might give them a path to the semis.
  11. I was banned for posting an a popular movie clip 3 years ago. I don’t know for how long I was banned though but I won’t ever use it again.
  12. Also the stadium is very nice. Room for everyone!! Not quite Mckinney or Prosper nice but they didn’t spend near as much. Feel like they got good value for the $$. The team entrance would be awesome as they come out of the indoor facility and have some smoke machines instead of the tired old inflatable tunnel thing.
  13. Went to Melissa’s scrimmage against Anna. Anna was successful throwing the ball especially on the outside. Melissa’s Secondary seem to be the weak unit on D. Anna didn’t score a TD but they had penalties that killed some drives deep. The DL #2 on Melissa is trouble on the downs he decided to give effort. LB’s kinda meh from what I saw. Melissa’s O is hard to say. The Oline definitely is not what it was last year at the end of the year. No push on running plays. Seemed a bit out of shape. #73 was yaking all over the field. The QB is pretty damn good at the zone read and will break off big chunks if not accounted for. Melissa’s big WR #9 will kill you one on one. He does not lose contested ball battles and has phenomenal hands. RB #3 is a hard runner but the RB depth doesn’t look great compared to last year with the stud safety/RB they graduated. The backup QB situation is dire at best. Kicking game is absolutely horrendous no two ways about it. Melissa still seems undisciplined and runs their mouths and coaches don’t seem to care. I don’t who will win the game because I know nada about Argyle. I will say that at this point I don’t think Melissa stacks to either Argyle’s or SOC’s 2022 teams.
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