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  1. This year’s Celina senior class has always had the upper hand on this year’s Melissa’s senior class going all the way back to 7th grade. I don’t think Melissa ever won a single game 7th-JV against Celina with this group of seniors. We will see if that carries over to this year. Last year Melissa got the win at the varsity level but that was because of a very talented senior class. I don’t think this year’s senior class from Argyle has ever lost to a Celina or Melissa team. Be interesting to see if these trends continue.
  2. If living in reality is negative to you then you may not like my thoughts. On offense Melissa lost all but one starting OL. Lost all starting receivers, lost phenomenal starting RB, have returning QB. Does QB live in Melissa now? OL is going to be a big issue because they lost alot of very good players that kept the QB from running for his life. On defense lost 2 starting DL, lost 2 starting LB’s, and lost entire starting secondary including the best player on that defense that decided he didn’t want to play in Melissa any longer. He may be playing against Melissa this year. Have
  3. Melissa is actively trying to push kids out to remote learning so they can stay 4A this next alignment. I guess they don’t count against their numbers if they do that but still get state funding. They are trying to push 300 kids to remote learning is the number that a board member told me. We know its better for kids to be in school that is proven. Don’t see the wisdom in pushing that many kids to remote just to have a competitive advantage in sports but thats what the board and superintendent value.
  4. I can’t tell you if PG used their #1 or not but I can tell outside of Melissa’s top of the order (1-3 or 4) there is not alot of punch in that line up against good pitching and the 7, 8 & 9 hole hitters I don’t even know what to say SMH. There was chances to really put pressure on PG but man no one could deliver. It really has been that way all season. All teams obviously struggle with good pitching but this Melissa teams is particularly anemic against good pitching. I expect this series to be over tomorrow. I think PG will rock the #2 Melissa pitcher. Melissa will be in the bullpen b
  5. I guess we will find out this weekend. If Melissa can beat PG they will legitimize themselves otherwise looks like their run has been a result of a weak path in the playoffs to get here.
  6. In my opinion Melissa finished where they should have. Celina, Aubrey and Anna were all more talented. Melissa also lost games to Van Alstyne and Sanger and had a tie breaker game with VA just to get in the playoffs, those were not good teams. Melissa has some decent players for a 4A school but no one really wows you. Finishing 4th in district ended up being a blessing and getting easier matchups to this point for Melissa. The top two pitchers for Melissa will fill the zone but neither are overpowering. The game 1 kid is maybe a mid 80’s kid with mediocre off speed stuff. Game 2 starter
  7. I watched the first game of Melissa vs. Wax Life and Wax Life was worse then Alvaredo. Its hard to tell if Melissa has gotten hot or if they have just been the beneficiary of getting to play some really, really bad teams. Celina losing to Wax Life has got to be the upset of the tournament. Someone in Celina got some splainin’ to do. I have no idea what you’ll see between Melissa vs PG. I have not seen PG in person but have seen a fair amount of Melissa. Melissa doesn’t really pass the eye test but they are winning.
  8. How come the UIL website shows it Melissa vs Celina next round. Did Wax Life have to forfeit for some reason? Yep Melissa has spent a lot of taxpayer money on a boondoggle indoor facility and about to drop $40 million on a football stadium. Yet the actual school part where kids go to class was too small from day one. They will have to do portables I guess next year so they are really pushing for participation in the online school option for 21-22 school year. Sports are the priority in Melissa.
  9. You kinda are confirming what I had heard. I had heard that the HC was kinda of a hot head and he stepped down or forced to step down dont know which. Heard he had systematically had run off lots good players over the years that didn’t want to participate in that program with him as head coach and you are seeing the result of that attrition now with not a very good team. Hopefully whoever they hired will respect all the kids and right the ship.
  10. VA and Sanger still have a district game left Friday. If VA wins then VA and Melissa would have same district record and they split the head to head games this year. What is the tie breaker? Coin flip?
  11. District 9 looks to be pretty well wrapped up. Celina taking home the district championship. Aubrey and Anna in 2 and 3 spots. 4th is Melissa. I watched the Anna vs. Melissa game on Monday. Hector is the real deal. Ross had a heck of a game. Just don’t think Hector is going to have enough around him to make a deep run but man he is fun to watch. I have been watching this 2021 class of both these schools for the last 7-8 years and Melissa would always beat Anna until this year. What happened to all the dudes Melissa had? You get to know names of kids and none of the good ones
  12. Kid from Anna is legit. He shut down Melissa the other night. I don’t know how fast he throws but it is different then anyone else I have seen this year. Melissa is not very good this year compared to the last couple of years. Melissa has lost lots of good would be junior and senior players that don’t play anymore from what I hear because of the head coach or former HC now. Probably why it is former now. Not saying they win state or anything but they sure could use some senior leadership now. As it looks they may miss playoffs or at best finish 4th in district.
  13. Not allowed to run for a school board seat? By who, the board itself? That is pure insanity that you would even suggest that. I can’t imagine the lawsuits that would ensue if someone tried to stop someone else from running for a public office. That might work in Venezuela. Maybe you should move to Venezuela. I kid, I kid. Take care and stay warm and safe.
  14. You obviously haven’t heard the way some of the coaches, one in particular, talks to the kids. There is coaching then there is flat verbal abuse and disrespect. If you’re tied in like it sounds you know who it is. That behavior is indefensible.
  15. “who violates the basic principle in life and that is being decent.” Wish a few of the admin and coaches thought the same way. On second thought I think Blue Ridge should hire them all. Problem solved!
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