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  1. Agreed. What do you think the other things are?
  2. So you think winning and treating kids with respect is mutually exclusive? I went back and reviewed your posts in this thread calling other posters ignorant, how you “know I’m right”, etc. How you talk to people speaks volumes. I already know how you would answer the above question so no need to reply.
  3. Why is that not true? Being good at it well that’s a different story. At this point schools are just looking for warm bodies. You can be crappy coach but still have a positive impact on a kids life if you love on em. If winning is your number one priority then go coach college or pro. More importantly if your super’s #1 priority is your record find a different place to coach.
  4. Ill be damned, I stand corrected.
  5. Sounds like to me many have forgotten that it’s just a silly game. There is no correlation between playing football (sports in general) and success in life after football. If coaches love it then it doesn’t feel like a job, if you don’t like the hours then just teach. If it effects your family life then quit because you never get that family time back.
  6. We have too many divisions in my opinion. I would love to see them go back to one champion for each A. Would also like see them only allow the top two in each district to go to playoffs. In “everyone gets a trophy” society we live in I doubt it will ever happen.
  7. It did on me. I never watched FSSW except the State Championship games annually. Switched to youtube TV earlier this year cause got tired of getting jobbed by DirecTV every year. Didn't notice I didn’t have channel to watch games until yesterday. Its no problem just decided to go hunting instead. If UIL wants to limit viewers by making an agreement with a network that has pretty limited viewing options then thats their prerogative but they are missing out on lots of eyeballs if thats of any consideration.
  8. I guess we will see next year but I think a team like Argyle and others that are moving up will take a couple of years to be legitimate contenders. Its not just about the top end talent but having 600+ extra kids to choose from also creates substantially more depth.
  9. LBJ team speed and particularly the WR’s is at whole different level of speed then Argyle and certainly Melissa. Lear can blow the top of any defense it just if the QB has the arm and time to get it to him against SV.
  10. WFH definitely represented. Fun to watch. Definitely think it was the best two teams on that side of the bracket. Before the game I thought SV would cakewalk to finals. That clearly didn’t happen.
  11. Got some breaks against Argyle but they whipped melissa dont let the final score fool ya. I think the right team came out of region 2. SV did win the games afterall. Hirshi much better then expected but SV always closes well.
  12. If you are going to the Star you are going yo wrong place unless you want to see Stephenville versus Wichita Falls Hirshi.
  13. SV was the better and more physical team. Melissa had all the momentum until they failed on the 4th and goal. Colossal mistake not taking those points. Thats just Melissa history. Eventually they do something stupid that cost them games in the playoffs. The real regional championship was last week between SV and Argyle.
  14. Defense wins championships. Has always been true and will always be true. Going back to the Melissa game I actually think Argyle had the better defense but the Argyle offense was atrocious. Part of that was the Melissa D but my gut tells me the majority of that was Argyle just had not found their offensive legs yet. Gonna be a great game.
  15. This is Argyle’s first chance to prove against a legitimate opponent their offensive changes since getting beat by Melissa are substantial enough to win the region. SV has handled everyone they faced up to this point. Even with offensive changes I just don’t think offensively Argyle are that dynamic. Just feel like SV is going to be able to put up a few more points in this one. I think whoever wins this game will win the region. Game of the year in 4A-D1 to this point.
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