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  1. This is a logical fallacy, tu quoque specifically, just because someone isn't impoverished, doesn't mean they can't speak about issues with the system, or more specifically for this case, just because someone has multiple houses, doesn't mean that it was not difficult for them, the writer of the article is missing the big picture, more likely they are not and are just purposely misleading due to the nature of the website and its audience.
  2. Biden is just a 21st century Warren Harding, return to normalcy agenda, doesn't solve the actual problems at hand but remains popular because people are nostalgic of life before the crisis/crazy years, before it was world war one and the Spanish Flu, now it is the Trump presidency and Covid. They both will be remembered in history kindly due to not being controversial.
  3. Reading this article hurts my brain because socialism is for the working class people, not the elites at all, the elites would likely be executed if we truly did have socialism due to their crimes against the people. This guy is just a reactionary trying to get the vote from the older generations who were shoved propaganda down their throats about socialism/communism and they have no clue what either one truly is or that there is a difference.
  4. Dang, you guys must get half your memes from facebook.
  5. I enjoyed when Newton was playing and beating teams 2-3 divisions higher than them a couple years back.
  6. Why are we discussing non-issues when there are major problems wrong with the world?
  7. I'm just glad Longview is on the national grid, we had no problems. I feel bad for you and everyone who was on the Texas grid, this level of gross incompetence is unacceptable.
  8. Oil has been steadily going up post the 4/20/20 bottom, it has been a reopening/back to normal trade, this has been happening and unless there is a major catalyst, will continue, especially into the summer months due to pent up demand for travel.
  9. Not sure why this is an argument, but of course, everything needs winterized, should have 10 years ago... but alas, money was the cause of this issue, if companies can save money at the expensive of lives, they'll do it, time and time again.
  10. Something something infrastructure needed improvements and didn't get it. But alas, it was unprofitable to do so, so... we did not improve it. Everything relates back to money, enjoy your third world country experience because the government didn't want to spend money to help improve its citizen's lives and wellbeing, but instead spent billions on frivolous wars. You're missing the real issue at hand here.
  11. I think the reason people aren't talking about it as much is that the rate of infection has calmed down... for now. The vaccines seem to be working, but the unknown is the other variants, that's where things might go south. I'm not ready for those variants to be the main variant, vaccines don't seem to be effective against them. Either way, this is sad.
  12. What's science? Haven't heard anything good about it in the last 4 years...
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