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  1. Gilmer gonna pull it out in a close one.
  2. That's what we've been taught due to oligarchs wanting to remain in power. It is not some utopian dream, we've gotten fed propaganda our entire life telling us so to keep people against their own class interests.
  3. He is an oligarch, part of the elite, then got elected and bent the knee... sounds like a politician.
  4. China is quite far from socialist or communist, they are officially, "socialism with Chinese characteristics." In other words, state capitalism, authoritarian in nature. Cuba is a bit of an enigma, they are authoritarian as well. Venezuela in the same boat. I am for socialism by the people, not by elites.
  5. We were taught by the oligarchs that majority rule is bad because they want to keep their power.
  6. Partially, if the workers voted for them, then I would be for them, if not, I am hesitant. I do view the vaccine as a positive of course, but the only people who should be mandating them should be the people who have to take them. If a majority of the employees voted for them, I would be for the mandate at that specific workplace.
  7. I wish I could vote with the socialists/communists, but there are none to vote for, sadly. All I see on the ballots are neoliberals. If there was an actual left winged candidate, I would most likely vote for them. I am all for democracy and freedom which can only come true in a system of socialism. Our elections aren't by the will of the people, it is by the will of the political parties, they control a large part of who is on the ballot. You can't be free when you live in a system that forces you to conform to the will of the rich. Democrats, Republicans, they are all the same, neoliberals who benefit the most from the current system and suppress any attempt away, you can see from the first and second red scares. We need to get rid of this government that prevents us from organizing labor and allow for us to have employee owned stores flourish as an example. I wish I could vote socialist/communist, but sadly, there are none to vote for.
  8. Even if this was true, this would not make them socialist/communist, it would just make them corrupt, which almost every politician is, including Trump. Socialism/communism is an economic theory and what you are describing as socialism is not, it is just corruption.
  9. How are either of them socialist? What is your definition of socialism, that would make this easier.
  10. Man, we must have wildly different views on what is and isn't communist. Neoliberalism, which both political parties fall under, is pretty much the opposite. Neoliberalism took over in the late 1970s and early 1980s, ushered in by Ronald Reagan and Thatcher. Neoliberalism came about during the height of the cold war and was essentially framing itself as the opposite of the Soviet Union. Neoliberalism at its essence is the free market as much as possible, the reason it is neoliberalism and not liberalism is to prevent another Great Depression... liberalism lead to that, which was the near complete free market, it also led to large wealth disparity such as the Gilded age. We have came to a similar path in the road with neoliberalism taking charge and leading to the greatest wealth disparity in America since the Gilded age. Another trick neoliberalism has versus liberalism is the MMT, it allows for money to be printed infinitely, now we print our ways out of recessions. Both parties are based around neoliberalism, calling either party communist is blankly incorrect, same goes with calling them socialist. Now if you see either party either party saying they want the workers to start an uprising and literally kill their bosses or to ignore results of elections completely and have the workers rise up, now maybe you can call them communist, but neither party will do that in a million years due to their neoliberal politics and union-busting policies, which show that they are not on the side of the workers, and is tale-tell in the fact that neither party is even remotely communist/socialist, even Bernie Sanders is still a capitalist.
  11. Oops, I got the notification and checked the post and that was the most recent comment. I may need to get better glasses
  12. I mean, you quoted me, what was I gonna do, not respond? I was getting my beliefs out there.
  13. I, among others, do not adhere to your personal religion. Some people follow beliefs that allow for more freedom as long as it does no harm to others, others interpret the meanings from their religion differently as well.
  14. Do I hate the people, no of course not, I don't hate anyone. Do I treat everyone the same, yes. Do I dislike the Islamic faith, the same as any other religion like Christianity. Religion nowadays is just a tool to control people, it alters the way people think... Karl Marx put it best when he said something along the lines of religion is the opium of the masses, it is like a drug. I don't fault anyone for believing in any religion, I don't hate any religion, I just dislike the notion of religions in general. I do especially dislike when people attempt to force their religion on others, especially through politics. I personally am only around Christians, if I am around any religion, and they do tend to push their faith hard onto others, it is frustrating.
  15. Meanwhile, I am just against every religion, but I am not going to do anything about it. There is a natural progression away from religion as we are able to explain a lot of the unexplainable things, as people no longer feel the need for some myth to make sense of these things. The reason for why a growing amount of the population, globally, is becoming less and less religious, is because we need longer need these stories for explanations about the world.
  16. What grown, consenting, adults do is none of our business. I don't see anything wrong with even siblings getting married, as long as it is with consent. There should be no laws saying what you can and can't do in your bedroom when there are consenting adults.
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