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  1. Just stop the run and you will beat Hooks. We cant pass the ball down the field.
  2. Hopefully our Hornets can win this one.
  3. Carthage by a bunch. PG doesn't have the dudes to keep it respectable anymore.
  4. Not sure of details.. but im hearing the team is ecstatic he's gone.
  5. Hopefully ole ball coach will not have QB on kickoff return.... Cost us several ball games last year
  6. Hughes Springs @ Hooks tonight 6pm.
  7. If a coach likes to be told how to run their program by the parents and certain board members, then Redwater is the place to go!
  8. I'm sure Texarkana Gameday will be broadcasting this one on Youtube and Facebook
  9. Our new D coordinator is an absolute joke of a coach.
  10. I know MaxPreps isn't that accurate sometimes but when I saw that I was shocked
  11. Did Clayton Smith transfer to LE? He is on their maxprep roster?
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