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  1. Gilmer is already three points away from his prediction and it’s not halftime yet.
  2. I’d imagine this is a dream job for him since it’s his hometown. Unless a really huge job opportunity rises I’d imagine he stays in GW for a while.
  3. Honestly, when these two get together you never know who will win. No matter what the records are.
  4. It’s a great gym. Small, and I can’t remember what the visitor side looked like, but union grove and Hawkins gyms are very similar, but grove obviously is bigger and a few years younger.
  5. I think a shot clock would be wise. These boys have to learn how to score on good ball movement and clock management at some point
  6. Heard it’s a former coach from a few years ago. Very respected guy, has football background, but solid overall. Girls coaches are extremely happy that it isn’t a guy who is just worried about guys athletics.
  7. I figured that much. I mean haven’t won a game. Every team is obviously better. I just didn’t know if it was coaching finally showing it lack of ability or just not enough talent from harmony.
  8. What’s Harmonys deal this year? They aren’t always a great program, but usually aren’t this bad.
  9. I agree with this! Our program hasn’t dropped off. We had a way better record and faced many of our tough opponents better this year than the past two years. Even with our worst record two years ago we went deep in playoffs. I understand wanting someone with some fire, but if you spend just a few moments on Twitter and see all the love former players have for Turner you can see that we need more guys like him. He continued to put out some talent. We are still in a really good spot. Just because we didn’t win state and continue the 5 year tradition doesn’t mean we are at a downfall. Let’s be real and understand we are doing things right and Gilmer is still a premier job. Whoever gets the position is going to be lucky, and will work their butt off to make sure they don’t get run out of town.
  10. Yeah, Metzel and Barr have to be the first coaches asked to lead. Lane at PT would be next I would think
  11. Gilmer changing anything would be a surprise. Gilmer prides in tradition and I would be shocked if they hired anyone without Gilmer ties or inside hire. Someone who can have that swagger and charisma of Jeff, but still run the same system is what I expect
  12. Congrats on retirement and a job well done to Coach Turner
  13. Man the 2014 Gilmer and Gladewater game was the best. Cold night but a packed stadium. Gilmer went on and won state, but nothing compares to that game. another is a 2011 Tatum vs Harmony. I believe if I’m not mistaken this was the year that Harmony upset Tatum with a missed field goal attempt. Harmony played their best game and Tatum didn’t have Jalen Overstreet, but was still an upset. I’m from Harmony, and was watching this game in the stands, but still would be my second best game of the decade for me.
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