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  1. Pretty sure PP loaded the box. Gunter gashed them the second half, running through 8/9 men in the box.
  2. Coastal Carolina and Gunter are very, very similar. Obviously, being from Canadian, I’m an air raid guy. However, my two favorite offenses to watch and study are Briles Veer/Gouge and Gunters triple option. I believe they are the most fun to watch when they are clicking.
  3. No doubt. Put someone in conflict and make a read! Nothing new!!
  4. Yep. We will be young, but our boys will be ready!
  5. Franklin 1, Gunter 2, Waskom 3, Canadian 4. Heard Idalou had/has a lot of transfers that weren’t cleared to play this year, but can next year. Will be interesting.
  6. Canadians old Coach/AD/Superintendent is now the Superintendent/AD for Seminole. Rumors are that he has been trying to get Coach Koetting to go down there. This makes things very interesting for Canadian, and other teams that are in Canadian district. Promise I’m pretty good at Geography.
  7. Seminole is very interesting for the panhandle area..
  8. So-so. Boys finally look like they are finally getting in roundball shape instead of football. I think going a few rounds deep will be a good year. But, hard to say so far! The girls team is real good. Have the potential to take it all. Will be fun to watch!
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