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  1. I know. That’s why I said if y’all can control the line of scrimmage I think y’all win. Can play keep away from DF.
  2. Really torn on this one. If Newton can control LOS I think they take it by 7-10. If it turns into a shootout, I’ll take DF all day. Should be a good one.
  3. Interesting take. Only seen film, but film doesn’t show everything
  4. I’ll pull for you guys unless we meet up. IF that happens, I might be the only guy on Smoaky pulling for Canadian.you just better hope it doesn’t come down to coaching…..
  5. Newton or DF on that side of the bracket. I don’t think R4 has anything. Tidehaven’s defensive stats have been impressive, but they haven’t played an explosive offense. There fans have been very “zealous” this year. part of me wants to see them make it to state against Gunter or Canadian just to see what happens…….
  6. Watched a lot of film in Comanche. I think it’s another 45-55 point win for Gunter.
  7. Bold statement there Cotton. But, I agree with the premise. From the limited film I have seen the Newton line is big, but not overly athletic. I think whoever wins the trenches takes the game.
  8. I won’t bet against our kids. It should be a good game. Canadian needs to get healthy. Gut says a close game, but could be a runaway either way. GT was scouting at the game tonight, and I’m sure it was reversed the other night. Alas, this is and DF/Hooks thread. Kudos to the blue tigers for showing up and showing out! Lots of talk by certain people on this sight and the app, but the better team won tonight.
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