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  1. Canadian Finally played a clean game. No stupid mistakes, and under 50 yards of penalties. Canadian 3AD1 (2-2) with Enrollment of 278. Randall 4AD1 (4-1) with Enrollment of 1173. Canadian up 56-7 at beginning of 4th quarter, then put backups in. Ended up 56-21. Canadian ended up with 743 yards of offense and Held Randall to 140 (with most coming in 4th quarter). At half Canadian had appx 450, and Held Randall to under 10. Not sure how good Randall is (probably not great), but still nice to see a small school beat that big of an enrollment disparity.
  2. You guys have caught a lot of crap this year. I’ll be the first to admit that I do not like it as much as the old one. That said, each update is making it better, and thanks for listening and acting upon suggestions!
  3. Glad to hear the Bushland love. Their defense is scary. You have to have dudes to run the 10-1 (or variation), and they do. Jaco (pronounced like A in airplane), is a stud as well. I think they take Region 1.
  4. Bushland dominated Dumas. I think they come out of REG 1 and will cause some problems. Curious to hear what Grant and Terry have to say. @Gsquared
  5. Think time will tell. They beat us handily, but we spotted them 21 in the 7 minutes off of a bad snap on punt, unforced fumble inside our 25, and bad interception out of our end zone. that said, I think if we played 10x we beat them 5. They are excellent at stopping the spread due to massive amount of pressure on the QB. However, we went to the wing t (hard to believe), and outplayed them from then on out.
  6. Bushland is good. I really think they are a top 6 team. Their DLINE is filthy, and they cause chaos running the old Celina 10-1 defense. QB is a stud as well. They blew 4AD1 Canyon out in a scrimmage(I know it’s a scrimmage, but still). I think they come out of Reg 1 this year.
  7. That is hard to believe, and on the program if so. Still Doesn’t matter. In theory, Center has 230 more boys than DF. You can figure 1 out of 5-7 boys is a good athlete, and 1 out of 20 is a great athlete. I’ll let you do the math from there. we play Canyon Randall in 2 weeks. Our enrollment is 278, theirs is 1190. Realistically, if we can play with them for a half I’m good with it.
  8. I wish we could line up them and 2015 Canadian. I am NOT saying we would win. I think it would be a phenomenal game. That team was the best we have ever, or probably will ever field. Was like watching a machine work. would be perfect execution vs unbelievable big play ability and improvisation (Bussey). Don’t know the outcome, but I can guarantee it would be worth the price of admission.
  9. 1-5. Abernathy. Run their mouths every year like are going to steamroll everyone and win state. Every year they play cheap. We have never played them and not had a major player or three come out of the game hurt, and be hobbled for the next game. Last year we had 2 kids coming off of major lower leg injuries. First play of the game they put a helmet to one of their knees, and completely blew the kids knee out. Every tackle on the other kid was at the lower legs as well. They live off of transfers from Lubbock. Know for a FACT the main player from last year was actively recruited. Not saying names, and will not say anything else about it.
  10. My bad. I opened the thread and I was on page 8 of 27. That’s a lot of reading!
  11. Might have been asked already, but does anyone have a streaming link?
  12. And I meant that they are the team to beat in Division 4…..obviously! LOL
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