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  1. Just watched it! I’d say the inside backfired!! I
  2. It will definitely be fun to watch it play out. I think they can win a shootout with Abernathy. Not sure about stopping the flexbone. spearman lives and dies with the big play. Klafka is a stud, and they have 2 other fast receivers.
  3. Watched the final 2 minutes and thought the same thing! I still think the final 4 teams come out of our district, and it ends up being between us and Childress. We should have 2 key players back by then (if we make it that far)!
  4. Love and Prayers from Canadian
  5. I really hope that when y’all go up, Koetting and Fieszel schedule some neutral field games!
  6. Move Ins just from growth of the area. I’ve been told by a few people they might be up this realignment, but for sure the next one. @blueflu or @pax can probably elaborate more.
  7. Really don’t see much action in 3AD2
  8. The teams to watch out of the “blue bloods” in 3A D2 are Franklin and Gunter. Think everyone else should be well below the cutoff numbers. (Canadian, Waskom, EF, DF, Holliday, Newton, EB) I think there is also some potential for Wall to come down to D2.
  9. I kinda want to drink a beer with him and pick his brain!
  10. When I find myself in times of trouble, powerlifter comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
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