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  1. As bad as it is for the kid, your last paragraph is what I have wondered the whole time. I would think It had to have come down to a “legal” custody issue. I like to think of GT as our biggest rival, and I wish the kid could have played. Is he an impact player, appears so. Would him playing this year potentially have been the “missing piece” for Gunter, I guess but who knows. Plenty of talent on the team as a whole. Does him not playing give anyone who voted no a chance to beat Gunter, that is laughable.
  2. Were they hired? That is horrible.
  3. Spread. Not much intermediate passing. Lots of deep shots, QB power, and RB off tackle
  4. Nothing crazy. Great man, great coach, railroaded by the school board. Yes, his team came out flat in the playoffs. The week before they beat Canadian for the first time in Lord knows how many years (15 I think). I think they would have been better served to lose to us before a playoff run. He was a local who wanted to stay home and coach. His team has been a perennial top 10 team. Unfortunately, without trying to be arrogant, they were in Canadians district. the school board should be ashamed. Period. I hope they go winless next year.
  5. dude is not on staff at GT, but might be interesting. Would think they would be better off letting Dodd, or the sophomore from Celina start for a few years…..
  6. Cool. Like I said, I was just asking. Was told he had moved there, but was obviously heresay. Saw film on the kid………good things ahead for Franklin!
  7. I’m not accusing anything, so please don’t take it that way. I heard y’all had a stud freshman RB from a remind or Marlin. He still there?
  8. It took a HORRIBLE shooting game by Clarendon for that one to be remotely close. Hopefully Hudson gets them straightened out before tomorrow
  9. D’ville is absolutely ridiculous. They ran that with one of the original 4 out (a 10.59 guy). Still not sure what happened at state last year. Think they got 5/6.
  10. No dog in this fight. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you should garner someone’s respect. Everyone should garner your respect initially. As for a coach, that is different. They are there to do a job. To coach kids hard, coach them up, and teach them how to deal with adversity. Our coaches are tough as hell on our kids. Nobody says a word either. Sure the kids might get frustrated at the time, but the parents and kids know it is coming from a good place. If athletes don’t want to play because they are getting yelled at, I don’t want them on my team. From Canadian. We have been moderately successful.
  11. Hear Dodd has had knee issues in the past. Could be bad info though. If so, will he be able to run the pistol option. I know he is a great pocket passer?
  12. At least it’s neutral field! Enjoy some BBQ!
  13. We played Mead Kansas for 2 years a few years back. They beat us once, we beat them once. They were #1 is state that year. 2 years ago we played another one to keep from having 4 weeks off due to Covid. Our closest game is Perryton at 45 min. Downside of living in Gods Country childess is 1:45 tulia 2:15 friona 2:30 Randall 1:45 Bushland 1:45 Seminole, OK is 3:30 elk City, OK is 1:30 perryton, is 45min Dimmit is 2:30
  14. Hopefully 15-5 after this year. Only local team we could pick up is 5A Amarillo Randall
  15. Agree @pax. This is a normal occurrence. Dodd is a good looking QB, and so is the Freshman/Sophmore behind them. My original LOL response was to the fact that Graham being a transfer was one of the first things brought up.
  16. . Not many, but a few. Please see second post. Hiring coaches with athletic kids has gone on forever. Most of the time, they are good coaches and athletes themselves. as a parent, if it’s on the up and up and you are afforded the opportunity to put your kids in a better academic environment, and it gives them a better chance to succeed, you should do it. as for move ins, I believe our last state championship had 2. One was in 1st grade, the other in 3rd or 4th.
  17. Also, just to make it clear, I’m not knocking them. If you have the means to get your kid a better shot/in better schools, go for it!
  18. LOL. Yep. they already have a couple of young studies. Think one of them is going to nationals in 7 v 7. curious how this dynamic will affect the locker room.
  19. Think he is AD as well. Most likely a big bump in pay.
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