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  1. To you Nick 2011 I truly apologize for my ignorance and my not remembering. Thank you for letting me know what's right.
  2. Thanks so much sir. I really needed that and the same here
  3. 47 yrs young I love the game of football loved it so much I'm now disabled from playing. And no I actually forgot about his hs coaching career but dam if I don't remember it now.
  4. Look I asked to let it go but hell yes I did I'm from Texas born and f...... Raised played ball here in Texas
  5. Hey man look I can let this go if y'all can.
  6. Your right he is a good coach. Still have my opinion on somethings but your right.
  7. First to you Ms. Golfinut I'm sorry for not being as knowledgeable as you are but I am able to have my opinion. Wrong or right knowledgeable or not. Lol
  8. Your absolutely right. And I almost stand corrected. I guess my gripe is when you label these coaches great and they do have high school background apparently but come to high school teams and they give them such a more competitive edge coaching. Then if and when they do win. They are considered to be such great coaches but with there college backgrounds it's almost a given they will win.
  9. Please enlighten me. No sarcasm meant and if u can give me a better view of him I'm good with that. My argument is we label these coaches that come to high schools great. But if you take the average good coach and give him a good team I bet he will win.
  10. Come back I never left. I don't need to look it up I'm not a art briles guy but since your such a briles candy ... You tell or show me all the big wins outside of big 12
  11. Not good at all but if I may ask why not show me I'm wrong on what I've said. Oh just asking how's your resume I'm sure way better than mine.
  12. So that good coach will be coaching NCAA next year. Oh by the way only good in big 12 . Cotton bowl couldn't be that team from Florida and show where he's beaten any body outside of big 12 oh yea high school teams. Yes there is your good coach.
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