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  1. Blue 29 White 21... Derrick McFall scored on two pass plays for the Blue of 30 yards on a swing pass in the first half. Then a 70 yard WR screen on a leaping one handed catch where he outraced the White secondary untouched for the score in the 4th quarter. The Lions should be improved this fall. I have a cousin on the Tyler High staff and decided to check out the Lions then pay him a visit as well. RJ
  2. Not that it's a really big deal but a large number of graduation years listed aren't accurate. A few examples are Hosea Taylor was actually 1977, Reno Hutchins was 1978, Eugene Williams 1978, and Bobby Taylor was 1992. Those we're just at first glance. I think that list is much more accurate than the one that's being shown by Wolverbean ! RJ
  3. Ahhhh... that's about like the terrible luck against these guys ! Thanks...LoboFan07 !
  4. Lobos running the ball with Taylor Tatum on field then inexplicably remove him and WR's can't catch a pass downfield. Of course, Ryan now simply outcoaching and outplaying Longview during 2nd quarter to take 10 point halftime lead.
  5. At Mesquite's Memorial Stadium...on Friday. Kickoff time TBD (either afternoon or nighttime). We should hear shortly !
  6. The officiating crew wasn't even from the Longview area ! As "LoboFan07" pointed out...the Magnolia O-Line was holding with impunity on literally every pass play that their QB left the pocket and not one single flag was thrown ! Take your "BS" on "listening" to a broadcast somewhere else...Pffffft !!
  7. Magnolia defeated a really bad Lufkin team 27-21...that speaks volumes. IF the Longview team that showed up last night is on display then they advance to round two. RJ
  8. Pine Tree vs. Gilmer in Longview at Pirate Stadium on Friday August 20th in their lone scrimmage. RJ
  9. Well...I do know some of the Hale family from my High School days here in Longview and from Insurance sales...and unless they're cousins,etc. to the Williams family they're not that closely related...ok ? I cannot speak for Malcolm Kelly or his relatives because I simply do not know. I'm somewhat older than both "anti" and "LoboFan07" at 25 or so years but they're actually closer in age to Kelly themselves and TWilliams...too ! Hope any of that helps ?!? R.J.
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