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  1. Oldtexfan... Well...I really don't much blame Coach King for that because it's definitely the WORST Press Box "stair setup" to be found anywhere !! It's rather amazing they haven't been "cited" by either city or state officials for it's potential dangers ? I mean the "bullet" holes in the "visiting" radio booth window are probably still there even though it's been about 6 years since I last broadcasted a game at Ole Abe but I digress ! R.J.
  2. Quick... Unfortunately, Coach King did NOT make the steep climb up up Abe Martin for the post game radio interview. As LoboFan07 alluded to it could definitely have had something to do with the rather poor behavior of the opponents in the latter portion of the game OR that "laborious" climb ! R.J.
  3. The prevailing thought is that WOISD will be going to go "outside" according to a "source" I'm familiar with in looking for Coach Iske's replacement. While that certainly isn't "etched in stone" it's currently what's more than likely to transpire and that some staff may very well be retained as well ! R. J.
  4. I think what we're "seeing" with these Officiating crews from places like Ft. Worth and San Antonio (as examples the past two weeks) is that they simply don't anticipate the near "otherworldly" athleticism as well as physicality that a team like a Longview Lobo "program" throws out on the field (from week to week) and those officials have tended to basically "freak out/ overreact" to what they do NOT understand ! It's not being boastful or bragging about this type of Football team but rather straight up honest that these Officiating crews are NOT capable of being objective in their duties ! Now the overall Athleticism for the next game with PA Memorial will definitely be more "off the charts" and certainly Coach King as well as PAM's Head Coach can or should have say so (hopefully perhaps) in obtaining a more "qualified"crew from wherever they're from...well let's hope so...at the very least ?!? R.J.
  5. If Longview shows up and plays THEIR game from the outset this shouldn't be any closer than a 3-4 score difference. Of course, the Officiating crew (wherever they're from) might decide to interject their input into the matter as the Lobos seemingly can't get out of it's way to not draw flags by the bushel full ?!? R.J.
  6. Ahhhh....very well !! Thank you...Eagleborn !! I guess this old man needs to "pay attention" ?!?
  7. Certainly there's a Daingerfield Fan at the game that can give other Smoaky posters an occasional "update" ?!? Don't be bashful folks !! Thanks in advance..... R.J.
  8. Anyone following along please try to keep the quarter and score "updated" for those of us unable to do so....much appreciated !! R. J.
  9. The heavy rain probability will be further South (after 5pm) heading forward into the night ! Now that doesn't necessarily mean that Longview, Texas will be all in the clear for the precipitation to totally come to an end BUT it should be mostly cloudy with a cool evening and a cool North wind as "Game time" approaches ! With THAT being said... GoLobos !! R.J.
  10. Yes and FWIW...Slim Chickens is "still open" AND Chuy's is coming soon (supposedly opening in December) where the Red Robin Burger closed earlier this year ! There you have it...now back to the topic at hand ! Expect Longview to advance as they're simply loaded for bear and will be too much for the visitors from Crosby ! GoLobos !! R.J.
  11. Nice find there Mr. P !! That game will always "live" forever as one of the greatest games in Texas High School Playoff history ! Although our Lobos came out on the losing end, largely because of that unbelievable "Mojo" FG and a Longview missed extra point the nice sized Longview fan contingent that traveled to Lubbock was the precursor to "modern day" Lobo Nation ! I recall such Lobo great players such as QB Lewellyn Fambies, RB Leo McCoy, TE Gil Harris, C Randy Swisher & G Steve Brabham ! Adding to the plethora of Lobo Defensive studs such as DT Hosea Taylor, DE Henry Lee Williams, Safety Elvis Bradley, CB's Thomas Cook and Johnny Fuller (who doubled as an extraordinary Punt Return man ! Several of those aforementioned would play (as well as Star) in College at Texas and U of H !! It was definitely a good time to be a young fan from Longview, Texas !! R.J.
  12. LoboFan84... Once upon a time the Longview Lobos traveled out to Lubbock,Texas to play Odessa Permian for a playoff game. The year was 1975 and it was a 470 mile trip which saw the Lobos fall 10-9 ! I was in the 6th grade (about to turn 12) ! I still remember that nearly 7 hour haul and was tough after that loss ! R.J.
  13. Longview 70 West Mesquite 0...Final Lobos Roll to yet another undefeated regular season 10-0 !!
  14. Bahahaha...but, of course ! A 10/7 "battle" forthcoming...
  15. Going back to the late '90's when Holmes played for Allen Wilson they were "built" much the same way as they are now... athletically speaking ! The Lions weren't loaded with great size BUT they were athletic as much as they are to this day ! I recall those times because I was actually involved in some of their radio calls with Smoak and the kids of today are probably actually as big and have decent speed to run that type of offense ! Now some Tyler (J.T.) classes/teams are better than others BUT the talent still roams the hallways at that High School !
  16. I'd go back farther than that to the Allen Wilson "pound the ground" attack using the plethora of athletes to control the clock by running the ball thereby attempting to help your defense to some extent. It can work again in the High School game !
  17. McKinney North 34 Tyler 13... Final The Lions score a late TD pass from 68 yards out. Point blank...a change in leadership is sorely needed for Tyler High Football !
  18. Still 20-6 Mc Kinney North as the 4th Quarter is underway ! Then Mc Kinney North scores at this writing.... New score... McKinney North 27- Tyler High 6 !
  19. I STILL stand by my poor coaching assertions of Tyler Lion Football ! They're lucky to be in this game at halftime only because the opposition isn't very strong either. McNorth really should feed RB Walker the rock a bunch in the 2nd half...imo !
  20. My bad on the first one BUT listening to the radio call they definitely stated the 4th and 8 was from their OWN 35 yard line. I can ALWAYS depend on you to correct me... lol !?! Thank you in advance !!
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