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  1. I don’t know man. Jacksonville struggles on defense but those receivers they have are legit! I still say Lindale wins, but I could easily see this being a high scoring game on both ends. Lindale 56 Jacksonville 42
  2. You call that speed? That was more of an offensive lineman overhaul…
  3. man you crazy. That’s all people talk about when they play Palestine
  4. If Lindale loses confidence after 2 straight blowouts, Palestine is the type of team that can VERY much beat them! They’d have to play a perfect game! I doubt Pali wins IN Lindale though.
  5. It was a THRILL. Back and forth the ENTIRE game. Those 3 WRs for the Indians are something else! If they had defensive support and a few Lineman around them, Jacksonville could be really nice!
  6. Couldn’t get the ball in. Could’ve easily been 31-24 type game
  7. I thought Palestine played decent. Just couldn’t put the ball in. Was in the Redzone like 3-4 times and left with Nothing.
  8. You’re right. But I didn’t say y’all are trash. Kilgore is still or can be really good, I’m just saying, In MY opinion this isn’t one of Kilgores better teams we’ve seen in the past, considering what’s been lost and what y’all have had recently..
  9. Not your USUAL Kilgore team in my opinion.. I believe this will be a 3 TD win in Gilmer’s favor
  10. Turnovers are a part of the game… can’t discredit that….
  11. Fair enough. To the defense, the record doesn’t hold weight. Last 2 years, lost to teams that weren’t better in the first round. But everyone says that. Good point.
  12. I was just about to ask the same thing to you lol. The record speak for itself considering the tough preseason games they play like Van, when Conally was good, etc. but I was meaning special as in district. Since Coach Angel came back, they haven’t missed the playoffs. EVERY year they get counted out and expect to finish as one of the last teams in district. ….then go on to handle the Hendersons (3 straight) and Chapel Hills (5-6 straight) of the world finishing 2nd or 3rd. Even beat Kilgore one of those years with Angel. that’s all I was saying.
  13. Sources? Every year the wildcats aren’t supposed to be “special”, where does these sources come from? Just curious
  14. Don’t let that score fool people either. It really wasn’t close. Nac shouldn’t even have been on the same field as Palestine last night. Palestine dominated, just let them hang around after half..
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