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  1. Probably so. I have only been in Argyle since 12' so i haven't seen them play. There are several things about LV that makes me say that about them and i wouldn't have 3 weeks ago.. One is their fat tackle punching my son on the ground after every play (i have on video) If it was me he would be having surgery this week for a torn acl but my son is better than me . Second is their hiring practices for coaches (i am not going to explain this) but it is funny that a coach that got fired mid season is on their staff and his son is QB. Third is their lack of care about playing kids that are in trouble with the law. Anyway sour grapes are right!
  2. You point out a fact!!! I hope they get that win!!!
  3. Fair point! I have boosted that team as I really thought they were a class act. After our last game against them I know they are thugs! Sour grapes is accurate though!!
  4. They aren’t that good. Coaching alone will win the game!! And I don’t even think Carthage is that great!!!
  5. I will say Carthage better be ready to be punched in the pile every play. La Vega is complete trash and will be out to hurt you. Some will I’ll say I am a sore loser (probably true) but I have video! They are classless.
  6. Fair enough. I will say I have watched all of their district and playoff games and they looked unbeatable against Argyle and Argyle alone. The flu was the excuse against Melissa but what happened last night? Sorry but springtown isn’t known for a great defense and they only gave up two td’s to them?
  7. I really don’t think LV is that loaded. *they kicked the #### out of argyle. All Springtown had to do was stop 2 plays and they held them to two TDs one being a n 86 yard run. i don’t think Carthage is world beaters either but I would bet good money that Carthage wins by 2 tds. This isn’t the 2017 Carthage team.
  8. That was the score with 6 turnovers for springtown. Two of those for td’s.
  9. The dawgs are exactly what they are and have been all year.
  10. I don't if this is the great defense and coaching you have been bragging about all year. I don't think Carthage is that great. I do think they were good enough to win and that is all that matters!!!!!! Congrats! and i can promise I will be wearing a big C during the state game as i hope Carthage beats the poop out of dirty la vega.
  11. Lampasas is as good of team as Carthage.
  12. Neither will Carthage unless LV plays like they did tonight.
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