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  1. Naw my feelings ain’t hurt by none of y’all folks but keep trying it’s pretty funny
  2. I hear you Nancy that’s so far from the truth on how that went down! I’m am well aware of the UIL rules referring to corona and post game actions, also my wife wasn’t on the field she was in the white chairs. We aren’t looking back either just looking forward to playing y’all again so enjoy the W. The long 2 year winning streak against us will be short lived and it’s back to the 70-0 days everyone is used to.
  3. I guess you didn’t see yalls coach run out on the field after the game? I also guess you are calling my wife and the ladies liars? yours truly Dusty McFadden
  4. The coach running on the field hollering at our kids acting like a complete idiot and a administrator telling a group of ladies including my wife to take their #### home. Completely unacceptable behavior
  5. SA by 7 Joe has a good team they play hard for sure but after last night zero respect here for the coaches or Administrator of Joe! That will not be forgotten anytime soon I’m certain! So go SA let the Wolfpack feed!
  6. No you should never be afraid of losing! Just hope everyone in Joe Queen took a pic of the rankings before Friday night! All honesty this game could easily go lots of different ways it could be a really close game or it could be a blow out on either side. Let’s just hope for a good game and that nobody getting injured on either team!
  7. You picked them by 14 others have picked them by 21+ that seems pretty confident to me
  8. It sure seems all the Rams fan base is mighty confident in this weeks win!
  9. Waskom big! They are very fast and looked very impressive. Even though Garrison is very young and inexperienced Waskom looked very good and to much for SA
  10. Waskom may win who knows but I do know Garrison want be a easy win for anyone. I think it will be a good game especially early in the season because nobody knows how to prepare for them!
  11. By far one of the best and most emotional games I have ever watched in person! I wish I could find the video of that game and watch it again!
  12. Hard to say who was the best hire As HC/AD but I know Garrison got a good HC/AD and he has hit the ground running even with the school being shut down!
  13. Hate to hear that! Praying for y’all
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