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  1. 31-6 China Spring leads Jasper with 15 seconds left in first half.
  2. This one will determine 3rd/4th place in district. Shepherd forfeited to Rusk in week 9, while Jasper defeated Center (41-13). Who you taking in this matchup?
  3. What say ye? Hopefully, the Eagles can take care of business this week to keep their playoff hopes alive.
  4. Nice win for Tatum. Congrats to Coach Holman and his staff.
  5. Should be a good game. Rusk has defeated Fairfield and Crockett, whereas Palestine lost to Van and beat Livingston. Who ya got?
  6. Who ya got for this one? Both teams coming off big wins.
  7. I believe that I read an article stating that the school they are transferring from, Myers Park High School---in Charlotte, North Carolina---- has decided to postpone their football season until FEBRUARY, (2021) and will only play a 7-game season then. That fact could have helped Josh and his family make the decision they made to enroll their kids in Rusk ISD. Regardless of reasons as to their move, EAGLE NATION is excited about this news. Welcome to Rusk, McCown family!!
  8. Now maybe some of you highly intelligent people will understand why no names were mentioned on this deal. And yes, there were a lot of good coaches in the list of 115 applicants.
  9. My understanding is that Monday, February 24 is the date scheduled for a special called meeting/ hiring date for this position. Committee was scheduled to begin going over applications the week of Feb. 3-7. They are currently interviewing applicants.
  10. It sounds like there are some really good applicants for the Rusk HFC/AD position. Over 100 applications received thus far, and many with good experience.
  11. And don't EVEN throw Mike Thomas into the mix!! Lol
  12. Must be some rumors regarding frontrunners for this job? I'm assuming that the district would like to make a hire fairly early this spring, so their new man has time to get his staff together. I wish Rusk ISD the best of luck during this process. Change is always difficult. Rusk has great facilities and leadership. Should have many applicants. Wonder if they'll use an outside search committee firm.
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