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  1. Sabine with a win over Spring Hill isn’t too impressive.
  2. I was told by a Sabine coach that McKinney hurt his arm during the week so he was forced to play injured and he was told he was being a wuss.
  3. Glad to see a post where you are not bashing the coaches. Kudos to you for being positive!
  4. Let’s be honest... you’re a daddy of a backup kid. No shame in it. Don’t go after the coaches because your kid is a distant backup in both sports. Opinions should always be welcome, but agendas should get called out.
  5. C’mon man. Don’t say the coaches should have made changes and not have a clue what is actually going on. That makes you look even more foolish.
  6. What changes could have been made? The oline and dline got their butts whooped and it trickled down from there. IMO
  7. I thought the play calling was pretty good. I think the armchair coaches or dad needs to remember that #10s legs are part of the reason why the cards have put up so many points. It’s also hard to throw bullets on that crappy of a field.
  8. I was told they moved a JV lineman up to start on offense and defense. Last week was brutal. I hope they get their line focused again this week. They can’t get driven back 10 yards or look like a turn style. what happened to 23 and 52 or 54. I Saw big boy standing on the sideline for most of the 2nd half
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