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  1. True. He's been a Hooks, MV, Jefferson, and Atlanta fan this year.
  2. Yes, they beat top-10 Jefferson in round two, and then top-10 Gladewater in round 3 I believe. They also beat Brock in the state semis.
  3. Seems likely, but last year Malakoff got second in district, and nobody thought they would make it past the second round. They beat 3 ranked teams to make there way to state. We need to remember it can be anyone.
  4. I'm interested to see what everyone's thoughts are. Malakoff and Pottsboro are the teams to beat right now. Sabine is looking really good. D7 is getting dicey, and I think all 5 teams could make a run. I think Hooks is the dark horse in the region.
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