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  1. Help out a lot of teams with out Argyle and Melissa!!!
  2. I like how you think!!! District 5 should be a lot of fun. We are lucky and get the Yellowjackets at home last week of regular season with a bye week right before we play them. China Spring has a Move in QB where they wont miss a beat.
  3. You and me both. Not sure of his workload this year.
  4. Hirschi should be a force come playoff time. Heck of a run they had last year.
  5. Yea im here to represent LaVega and Central Texas.
  6. Finally released the schedule.
  7. It needs a lot of work. at least they didn't waitt till game week to releases it this time.
  8. Most respect for the program. Always do it the right way with Great Coaches and elite athletes.
  9. That '20 team was really tough coming from Pirate faithful.
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