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  1. Says someone who is from what is now the biggest bottom feeder in East Texas/ Longview area... White oak is horrible and will be for years to come.. your coaching is a joke and your athletes have vanished.. yeah you guys had a decent run a few years back and for a few years...but bro...SH is on the rise and you can bet your tail they aren’t going backwards... especially to WO. The basketball forums are on the main page. Good luck! Go get em panthers.. don’t let the “not so roughnecks” discourage your run!
  2. Also under the King Umbrella is John Berry who has built GW into a state ranked team... and groomed Johnny Louvier who had taken the reigns at Spring Hill that is showing some promise.. KING has definitely proven to be a great leader on the sidelines and that has had a trickle effect on many people that work under him. I DO believe he would be the first to remind us that he couldn’t do it without them either! Go ‘BOS! Go get em Spring Hill!
  3. I DO agree.. just trying to stay optimistic and get SH Panther Nation excited... much improved program and I believe they FINALLY have the right coaching staff. They will not be a bottom feeder in their district like the past. It’s great for Longview to see them over the hump. Connally will be tough FOR SURE.. but hey look at lufkin.. at this point SH and Connally are both 1-0 .. new season and that defense is playing tough. Go Panthers.
  4. Been waiting on the thread and it hasn’t shown so here ya go.. come on SH welcome to the playoffs ... you guys need to get more excited about being here than this. Lobos posting your thread for ya. Haha Good win against CM Friday night! Way to rep Longview! This week will be a bit more challenging but you guys are not the same team you were mid season! Playing harder, smarter and definitely explosive! Beat Connally!
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