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  1. From Colorado state Constitution. By releasing her with the knowledge he had injured her they in fact did not follow the law. (2) Persons arrested or in custody shall be treated humanely and provided with adequate food, shelter, and, if required, medical treatment. Anyone receiving medical treatment while held in custody may be assessed a medical treatment charge as provided in section 17-26-104.5, C.R.S.
  2. Sorry but that is incorrect and not how it works. When any person is taken in to a station they are processed and if they are injured they then treated. At the central booking location (which in the case was the station) they bring EMS to the station. While you are talking due process that is not 6 hours plus the officer knew he had injured her so it now falls back on him to make sure medical attention was sought. Then you have the fact the charges were dropped and she was released, again without medical attention.
  3. And yet you will call them out on something but only one side. Why is that? We do know what trump said on McCain and no matter the political differences it was embarrassing. Did you call trump out on it?
  4. I have no idea if he said it. There was nothing defenative on it from my perspective. There are many in the GOP who believe WND and Gateway are actual news. See it on here daily.
  5. I am talking about you trolling on her not getting treatment for 6 hours as you troll some more. You even said it, you are trolling. Its pathetic.
  6. First who is reporting it how many others are also reporting it. Is it something that both media sides are reporting. As for your example, that was taken with a grain of salt. CNN was sure he said said it, Fox was sure he didnt. You seem to think talk shows are news. Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson make tons of claims, they are not news they are entertainment.
  7. It was dumb, no person much less an elderly woman should sit in a jail cell without treatment while an officer laughs and says he loves it. If that is your idea of fun you have some serious issues
  8. Yes I do know they can. And as I have already said in this thread I research what I see to find out its validity. How many times do I have to say it for you to understand?
  9. You are just trolling and it is actually pathetic. No one has a clue what your angle is because all you are doing is trolling. @DaveTV1 maybe you can try and figure out what his point is.
  10. Yes I do believe they should be able to use anonymous sources. Hence the Pentagon Papers. And if PV was real media they would be praising those that did the right thing. You seem to only attack the media that disagrees with your ideas. I believe Breitbart produces some good well thought out material. I believe Fox does as well and so do CNN, WAPO, etc. You discount the name right off the bat without looking at the material. Remind me of Qdawg who once told me he didnt believe the source when they quoted a person.
  11. There is no angle. The person was injured and not treated for 6 hours. The officer KNEW he had injured her. That is as much on the department as it is on the officers. You said this as your point, well what was your point because you have failed to make it clear.
  12. Page 4, first mention of the 6 hours. Direct quote. Very clear
  13. What are you even talking about? Where did I say 6 ER hours? She was not treated for her injuries for 6 hours and it appears they just released her.
  14. I think they have exposed some things but they also do a ton of underhanded stuff. They never give credit to a place or person who does not get caught by them. So I am guessing you believe that anyone should be able to place bugs and set up people, because they have done a lot of that. They are not news they are the same as Borat. So catching Rudy with his hands in his pants was a good thing right? When they start coming out and saying they tried to catch this media or that person and couldnt I will start giving them credibility. We have no real idea how many stings they have tried that f
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