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  1. I grew up poor. Didn't realize it at the time. Most "poor" people today in the US have many more luxuries than I had growing up. That is a good thing. But we have to act like everyone is oppressed.
  2. Hell of a plan! Maybe give bill gates a few trillion for vaccines while we are at it. Evil top 1% that dip wads on the left drool over.
  3. It is bad luck to be born to parents that have been conditioned to be dependent on govt handouts as their sole means of income. This has kept many generations of families poor with no end in sight. Taking away one's incentive to be free and able to provide for oneself is one of the cruelest actions I can think of. Buying votes costs a lot more than just money. It costs generations of folks their reason to live.
  4. It looks like their plan is working. "They" have us arguing about which party is most racist. Keeping us divided and arguing with each other keeps us from seeing them making deals, stealing from us and our children, continuing the military industrial money laundering scam, etc.... Our govt really is a Uni-Party at this point. Be cool if we could actually come together and fight against the real tyrants.
  5. Oh, so the racist voters stopped voting for the racist politicians. Then the racist politicians have an epiphany and come to love all races and change to democrat. Sounds legit lol
  6. When did Robert Byrd switch? KKK leading democrat in the 40’s. When did he become Republican?
  7. I was bringing up Byrd because democrat politicians were the racist KKK leaders in the 1940's and they did not switch parties.....as you and many others have stated.
  8. I never mentioned Nixon. Wasn't Byrd also a democrat back in the 40's when he was one of the highest leaders of the KKK? Byrd's political career spanned more than sixty years. He first entered the political arena by organizing and leading a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s
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