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  1. I'm going to see the movie tonight. Did Glen Beck raise money so people could quit their jobs and rescue children in US or just Columbia? Seems like there is some bad stuff happening here at home too.
  2. The nazi flag lol. Indian Uhaul driver also said “this is MAGA COUNTRY” with extra emphasis
  3. Democrats will keep running out mentally challenged candidates like Biden and Fetterman who beat people much more popular than them. In about 6 more years it might finally cross your mind what is actually going on. Until then.....we patiently wait.
  4. A censored word in the video causes suspensions and deletions.....pay attention please.......that's where the tweet went.......Jim
  5. Thug had been arrested 42 times in less than 10 years. NY must have put the 43 strike rule in place. Hard to believe he made it through 42 arrests without being killed by all the "racist" cops, the way the media and your type make it out like every other minority is killed during an arrest. Guess we can all see that ain't the case. He messed around and found out..all be it by accident. But Karma don't care about accidents....it finally catches up.
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