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  1. This would mainly apply to 3A and below but all opinions welcome. For those that have been around for a while, what is SOP for hiring non-football coaches when football coach is AD? Does AD normally get to make the call on who the next softball/baseball/basketball should be? Would these type jobs normally be posted and searched out by some sort of committee? Anything in between? Just curious as to what most schools normally have for protocol on these types of hires. Thanks
  2. https://dailycaller.com/2021/05/18/greg-abbott-texas-bans-local-officials-schools-mandating-mask-wearing/
  3. Everyone knows it was Bill "Didler" Clinton. Slick Willy trying to pull another fast one
  4. I think the answer is probably Biden. Unless you count "playing" golf like "playing" in your mashed taters
  5. If it is selfish to want everyone in the US to be able to choose their own health care and not be forced to be an experimental lab rat.....then call me selfish my commy friend.
  6. Everything is peachy....right up to the point where they haul their *** to the slaughter house.
  7. Sometimes you get a few straggler sheep that have to be chased down and vaccinated
  8. Goodness! Anybody know what happened in game 3? Losing to a 3rd place team from a mediocre district cannot sit well with bobcat fans. I know they had pretty high expectations for this team.
  9. I think it is just a typo but it still shows that on the UIL bracket. But if you look under the details of that series it shows Life Wax advances.
  10. I wish it was split up too! It is rough playing schools twice your size. The reason I’ve heard is scheduling, travel time, and two games a week and one being during the school week. It isn’t that big a deal to drive 2+ hours on Friday night for a football game. But really tough to do it on a Tuesday night for baseball/basketball. I don’t know if it is a legitimate excuse but that is what I’ve been told.
  11. Grandview beat Bells in game 3 and will face Boyd. I heard it will be one game
  12. Grandview won game one 3-0 Bells won game two 4-3 Game 3 today at 3:00
  13. Check again. All was good except the employment numbers due to the plademocratic lockdowns
  14. 4 more years of record stock markets, record employment, low fuel costs, and an overall booming economy??? Oh the horror! You don't want my honest opinion if you believe Biden is doing a better job.
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