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  1. What is up with the 2 a's? Baa
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/media/balenciaga-parent-company-ceo-wife-salma-hayek-silent-ad-controversy-involving-children-bdsm-teddy-bears Salma Hayek's husband is CEO of the parent company. Just an interesting tidbit.
  3. What is pedo in Latin? Because that is what they were promoting in their commercial that I saw.
  4. You can show me pics of some right wingers acting badly. I can show you videos of capitol security letting in protesters and leading them around the capitol with a documentary camera crew following them. It was an inside job perpetuated by both R's and D's. Political theater if you will. Some can see it. Some cannot.
  5. Is WEF/NWO included in your definition of Big Government? If so, I completely agree.
  6. What power does Jeff Sessions have?
  7. I don't hear hardly any "moderates" speaking out. I think they have a word for them in communism. On the tip of my tongue....
  8. I think you have the top of the party primarily controlled by WEF and China. McConnel, McCarthy, McRomney, and pretty much all of have served more than a couple of terms. Maybe not Rand Paul and Cancun. Then you have the people of the party The people of the party would definitely like to separate from their chinese overlords. Not sure how that happens. Dems are compromised even more thoroughly although most of their people I hear from don't mind more gov control and less freedom.
  9. Why did BET need to be created? When I was growing up, many of the popular tv shows were primarily black. Sanford, Jeffersons, Good Times, Different Strokes.....and on and on.
  10. Ever wonder if Trump might know more about this issue? Why would Trump appoint Alex Acosta to Secretary of Labor. He was the US prosecutor in Southern Florida who let Jeffrey Epstein off with a slap on the wrist after they had documented him raping scores of young girls. At least one of the young girls was picked up from a party at Mara a Lago. Epstein's attorney in that case was also Alan Dershowitz who is also one of Trump's attorneys. I mean if we are going to conspiracy, lets look at all the parties and all the COINCIDENCES.
  11. No such thing as white community. You ever see a white college, white tv channel, etc... I'm not even sure if it is legal to be proud of your heritage anymore. Back to your question. Maybe Dr. Phil, Oz, or Oprah
  12. I just know he was discriminating and I'm told those who discriminate are racist. Isn't that how it works these days?
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