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  1. That is how barry eats cheetos in his mom's basement.
  2. It isn't what EVERYONE does. Very few do that. That is above and beyond the norm. Mediocre folk don't understand
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/24/politics/dobbs-mississippi-supreme-court-abortion-roe-wade/index.html
  4. I didn't say they have to do anything. I said it would be nice if they showed the man some respect. He did something that I bet nobody else did for that company. Never missed a day in 27 years. I was raised that when someone goes above and beyond for me, I try and do the same for them. Maybe you were raised different. Burger King sucks anyway, so not surprised they didn't do what I would consider the right thing.
  5. Not that he was "owed" anything. But companies really should show more respect. My grandpa was born in 1913. Spent 4 years at Pearl Harbor. Came home from the war and worked until he retired at Quaker Oats. They never gave him anything big, but they did show respect. They sponsored a small party/get together every year around Christmas for the retirees. Gave them free cereal, cookies, oatmeal, gatorades, etc.... Products that the company owned. Didn't cost them anything but it meant a lot to the old guys/gals that spent their life making the company what it was. Respect doesn't cost much. Burger king could have spent$2k flying this guy in and taken him to a nice dinner. Make a small campaign about it and show good will toward employees and customers if they felt like it. Or just treat people decent.
  6. How does any man sit out there in the hall for over an hour knowing there are kids being killed and dying in the next room over? Much less 11 or so "men" or however many there were.
  7. Kirt thinks he will change his beliefs now that he has an R by his name
  8. Record OD's, record abortions, record vaccine deaths. They are taking out a lot of their voters now that they have figured out how to rig elections.
  9. Anti is the guy who would rather be qb on a team that never wins a game vs a role player on a winning team.
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