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  1. Hearing there should be an announcement next week.
  2. When critical thinking skills were handed out....dimnuts must have been in marxism class
  3. 4 year olds don't even need live teachers anymore. Just sit them in front of a tv. Set 'em and forget 'em
  4. Anybody who teaches kids to read/speech - pre k, K, 1st and 2nd grade teachers - knows it is very important to for kids to see the teacher's mouth movements. Add to that the fact that masks offer little to no protection. Add to that covid least dangerous to children. It all adds up to another scam that leftists feel gives them some power. Well, the charade is falling apart and these dimnuts are still trying to hold it together.
  5. An unarmed woman climbing through a busted out window is not the standard for lethal force. She posed no immediate threat to the officer. Period.
  6. How does the law differentiate between a window on public property and a gate of a gated community?
  7. Hopefully your 9 year old can read. You keep ignoring that I’m talking about young kids LEARNING to read. If you know anything about education you know that learning to read is the most important part in all of education. Those that learn to read early usually excel throughout school. Those that don’t learn early are normally always behind and struggle academically
  8. It wasn't his residence. It was public property. Would it be legal shoot someone from a mob that was breaking through gates into a gated community?
  9. Breaking windows and crawling through them does not illustrate and imminent threat. If it did, they would have opened fire on every person walking into the capitol. This was a murder.....with no arrest.
  10. Don't forget to get your flu shot. That was the phrasing. I never took one of those either.
  11. Why is it annual if it only works half the time? Shouldn't they keep jabbing with boosters all year long like covid?
  12. It is public information. Go ahead and share it. Only an idiot would support something harmful to children that does no good for public health. At least those about you were smart enough to take the masks off of kids. Thankful for that.
  13. I'm talking about teaching young kids to read and you bring up your graduate program. Why do you defend a virtual signaling rule that his harmful to kids and does no appreciable good? Enlighten me.
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