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  1. Got word Friday that Martinez will be out too. Great coach and person. New Diana does some strange stuff. Anyone remember when ND baseball went four or five rounds deep and then fired the baseball coach?
  2. Looks like Monday night. Doubt they give out the name before then.
  3. That would be a blow to Sabine. He is way overrated for all the trouble that comes with him.
  4. Unfortunately, turf has been taken off the table. Turf is too dangerous according to a school board member. Sad for those kids.
  5. It looks like a kid wrote that #### and is bitter and butt hurt.
  6. Well if Sabine put district champs on theirs then I suppose it's not much of a punk move... Just error on my part.
  7. I'm not trolling... Just stating what I saw on that forum.
  8. I was reading some posts on the Southwest Friday Football app and they were a bit sour. The usual posts: the officals sucked, coach Berry doesn't know how to coach, these kids should be playing next weeks, etc. Still thinks its a bit of a punk move to put "District Champs" on their ball when they were Co-District champs... Same ol' Gladewater.
  9. Gladewater is rolling. It’ll be a good game!
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