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  1. I think Kinne had some issues at Sherman also. He had a decent run there for four or five years, but he got suspended for something illegal, like coaching a summer team of the athletes or something like that. I don't know how he keeps getting jobs at this point.
  2. That whole situation at TB is a mess though. Listening to the audio of their meeting with the state committee, one of the kids transferred to TB from Whitewright but lives in the Trenton district. Then another one lives in Tom Bean school district but transferred from private, and then the other one transferred from private but family recently moved from Bells district to TB district.
  3. Okay yeah that makes sense. Player would only be eligible from school he came from? In the case of homeschoolers though, what’s the course there? They couldn’t go try it at another public school I wouldn’t think and be eligible immediately.
  4. I would think so. I think they would not be eligible at any other UIL school. Probably have to go private school or out of state.
  5. Bells, in year's past they probably wouldn't have matched up very well at all with Pilot Point. But this Bell's team has plenty enough athletes and probably better OL and DL.
  6. Let's face it, for a 3 year ban to be imposed there is proof more than just rumor. You can usually figure out some involved when their social media accounts have been deleted since Tuesday night.
  7. LOL, I know you have. I was just giving him a hard time. Gunter, Holliday, and Bells is making that a really strong looking region.
  8. Which one of you were the one that thought Whitesboro would “blow out” my Bells Panthers lol?
  9. Everything I am reading is yes, for the full three years. Must have a ton of evidence on some people at the school.
  10. Yeah, you think some parents of kids that have been there their whole lives are a little hot today?
  11. Seen a few people that live in Tom Bean post on Facebook this afternoon that the appeal to the state committee was denied. I haven't seen any official confirmation of that though.
  12. What moves quicker a cheetah or their school's board president deleting his social media?
  13. No, they weren't already living there.
  14. I’m sure it will be upheld. Heard other schools got pretty good info on them.
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