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  1. Chad Morris has resigned from Allen. Looking to get back to college position.
  2. Sherman did get the big DL from Denison, Sims I think that is a D-1 recruit that moved there sometime back. There is talent in Sherman, they just spun their wheels with the previous coach for too long.
  3. Still hearing there were some texts and/or emails provided that were damning to the situation.
  4. No idea, I don’t know if the family moved to Gunter ISD and maybe the son didn’t or what the status is. All of what I hear could totally be just rumor/gossip, but hearing others talking about some communication got provided that didn’t go over too well that was from coach-dad and Gunter coach. Who knows, but for UIL to deny it there has to be some sort of basis for it.
  5. He’s been living with his mother and not his dad. Grant’s mother wasn’t involved in any of this, just dad and stepmother.
  6. I imagine some text messages and emails came back to haunt parties to this.
  7. UIL denied Grant’s transfer with eligibility.
  8. Don’t know, just talk I heard from a dad. Probably nothing to it. I probably was a little over zealous on my mentioning of Howe, lol.
  9. Not info on Leonard, but one of their district mates may be losing a player. Rumor I heard today that Bells has a big lineman transferring to Bonham possibly. Bells may be down a little, Leonard and maybe Howe could sneak up on them this coming season!
  10. I don’t know of any that Howe has. I doubt any are transferring from Sherman to Leonard, Lone Oak or Blue Ridge. That just leaves Bells. Do they have any from Sherman?
  11. New school board members. That’s why Fletcher left according to his wife’s post on Facebook. New members making comments about time for changes and he was on a year to year contract.
  12. Don’t think DB coach is on board with OC, they won’t both be there next year whatever happens.
  13. Tom Bean letting a few outsiders come in and run things and get them into more debt, lol. There is nothing in Tom Bean and they have gotten pressured into hiring people and building things by parents that aren’t even living there and some not even sending their kids to school there! Can’t wait to see the implosion of this district when some don’t get their way.
  14. I heard OC and a DB coach on staff applied.
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