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  1. Heard they reached out to an alum that is an assistant on a team that just won a state championship and he declined to interview.
  2. Trompler, former coach there, is name I’ve heard from a couple of people there.
  3. Revolving door every 2-3 years. They do a horrible job on their search every year and lately have made hires, the last three actually, that just commuted there and had no intentions of being there long. I know of two coaches in the last two job searches that applied that would be excellent applicants that never even got a sniff of interest. Horrible leadership in their school district.
  4. I think the rise in popularity of the gray or dark gray jerseys with blue or black numbers needs to go away. There is no way fans can even see the numbers from the stands on some of these jerseys now.
  5. Bells vs Blooming Grove being played Thursday at Mesquite Memorial. Rematch of first round game from last year. I expect a similar result, Bells by about 30.
  6. Chance for Lone Oak to end a very long district losing streak tonight, close to 20 straight. Wounded Howe team coming off three straight losses coming to town and now without their starting quarterback.
  7. Or how about schools are now using more common sense when there is an alternative evening to play that would ensure better weather in all likelihood and allow more family and friends to attend? Many kids will be playing their last game ever this week, why not give them and their families that chance to play/watch in weather that doesn't require sitting in rain like last week? Plus the schools can make more money with better gate and concession sales. It's not being a "wimp".
  8. Bells at Leonard, Howe at Lone Oak, and Tom Bean at Trenton have all been moved to Thursday.
  9. Sounds like Howe DL got pushed around (Blue Ridge does have some size on the OL) and Howe's QB was not able to throw much with a hurt arm or shoulder.
  10. Pretty much set except small chance I guess Leonard could replace Howe, but looks like it will be Gunter vs Cedar Hill TLC Bells vs Blooming Grove Blue Ridge vs Scurry-Rosser Palmer vs Howe I don’t see much of a chance of upsets here, expect Gunter, Bells, S-R, and Palmer to move on.
  11. I heard Bells scored on 7 of their first 10 offensive plays and one of the three they didn’t score on was the first snap where they sent out an entire lineup of seniors to give some recognition for them.
  12. Winless Lone Oak going to Bells Friday night. Senior Night, physical Bells team running the Slot-T….how ugly will this one get?
  13. What are you talking about? They threw it like five or six times in the last minute and a half.
  14. Look at areas of the state with population growth, which leads to more players to select from and more money to pay for coaching, facilites, and training.
  15. I think it's more senior leadership and the offensive line is probably the best they've had while running the slot-t and really not even close. Bigger, stronger, faster guys. Not saying they will win, but a much better overall team than the last couple of years.
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