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  1. I did not see anything that La Vega did during the Brownwood Lions game, it was a clean game.
  2. I think your right argyle wasn't that good , even Brownwood could have beat them, Brownwood beat Stephenville pretty good, and Stephenville almost beat argyle, so I say argyle really had not played anyone that was watch you call real good, except for la Vega and carthage whooped Vega good lol.
  3. Your just so far east that you think Brownwood is west Texas lol
  4. I had a feeling that Dallas cowboys was going to lose this game after playing great last week, the not so good team showed up today, I have seen highschool quarterbacks throw passes better than dak did tonight.
  5. I was hoping for a better game, even though I picked Westlake to win,
  6. yeah just like Duncanville's freshman quarterback, they went after him big time in second half.
  7. he is a freshman, you would think that they could have gotten an upper class quarterback with such a big school, but I guess he was their best bet.
  8. 14 to 0 halftime, Westlake ahead. I think Northshore would take both of these teams.
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