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  1. I slept just fine but not enough. Should have caught a few more zzzs - going to all three games today. GT will be fine. I’m sure they are more than ready for the four quarters battle ahead of them. In Fiezel We Trust, right? Couldn’t be more proud of this group, seniors especially. Hoping KK gets a play in somehow, that’d mean the world to all of them. Anyway, I’m waxing sentimental this morning. Safe travels and Get’em Tigers!
  2. I had no doubt. You’re the best for doing all the number mashing! We appreciate it. Sometimes I’m hesitant to ask for them, kind of like last year’s against Canadian. Ignorance is bliss, lol! Anyway, thanks for the indulgence!
  3. @Pax Pretty sure that this is on your to do list, but could you do your predictions for the two 3AD2 semifinal games?
  4. Also there’s this: Gunter vs Lubbock Roosevelt Wildcat Stadium, Abilene Christian University Friday, 7:00 pm Gunter is the home team Tickets: $10 adults, $5 students, 3 years and younger are free
  5. Gives us an opportunity to eat at the Bee Hive Saloon in Albany on the way. The owner has an American dream come true story. And honestly the best steaks (and Long Island tea) I’ve had maybe ever. You’re welcome.
  6. Awesome stats Pax! Since these are the last eight standing, would it be safe to assume that starters playing times, running clocks, etc are comparable across all of these games?
  7. I’m bad about going to a game and watching (thinking I’m paying attention) only to look up and say “dang, that took a long time”. Lol But too, Dublin’s pace was so slow that it was frustrating at times. While GT was running plays some times before the chain gang was completely repositioned. It was an exciting game though, no doubt.
  8. Dublin way better than I expected! GT had a harder time defending the pass than usual. And Dublin ate up a lot of clock- didn’t realize until after someone told me that they ran 18 plays in one drive eating up something like 4 minutes. That drive got them 0 points, but it kept GT from scoring at least once. I don’t know how they lost to Millsap though.
  9. Yes, I agree. I’m looking forward to @Pax analysis, his predictions are eerily accurate. Screen name should be Karnak.
  10. I was surprised and disappointed by HERO last week. Didn’t look like what I’m used to seeing from them. Oh well, maybe we’ll see Bells in the region game.
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