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  1. I’d love to go see this game Friday, but 6 hours one way is more than I want. Thanks for doing numbers, anything could happen with these three.
  2. Canadian lost a lot. But they reload every year, so I’m not putting anything past them. Childress seems to think they will be in the semis. And this week Friona feels pretty good that they will at least make a game of it with Childress. Very interesting district this year.
  3. @Pax Changing the subject and probably looking too far forward, we still have to get there after all, I’m curious as to what your magic numbers say about Childress. Specifically Childress v Friona. Or even better Childress v Canadian. The playoffs are a completely different world than district, and Childress and Canadian will probably see each other again in the quarterfinals, but who do you have winning that district?
  4. Expecting a very short second half. Gunter.
  5. From our vantage point, that was a score. Clearly crossed the pylons in possession. Hubbard also got screwed on on FG kick. But, you’re right, a win is a win.
  6. YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!!!! Thank you!
  7. First time in a while I feel pretty comfortable calling this game for GT
  8. Yes, rankings, please! And a way to see what division teams are in with all the nondistrict games being played, it’s hard to remember who’s what.
  9. Big boys sucking wind by half. I’m convinced that most of the injuries were just attempts at slowing the game down. SV was a strong, well coached team. Not taking anything away from them, but GT just never took their foot off the gas.
  10. 29-0 GT 9:50 left in the third.
  11. Me too! It kind of feels like this new app is heading towards a subscription model being that you’re required to sign in each and every time you open it. And that’s ok as long as it’s anything worth paying for, but this new one is definitely not. For the life of me, I can’t even imagine how they will be able to make all the changes needed to make it marketable.
  12. Me. You'd think I could remember the one TD that VA managed to get.
  13. You know what? It was actually GT Freshman 41 to VA JV 7. VA TD with a little left on the clock. I was there and saw it even. Sorry!
  14. GT JV beat Sunnyvale JV 21-0 GT Freshmen beat Van Alstyne JV 41-0 Good start to their seasons, looking forward to tomorrow night. Hoping to see GT Varsity show out.
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