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  1. Sherman has a nicer facility than GT has played at yet, but I understand why that may not be an option. Still, Denison is the next town over from Pottsboro. I haven’t been to their field, but have to assume it’s as nice as Sherman’s. Just weird that Coppel was the choice.
  2. Lol! We could say the same thing, but we won’t. Y’all will bring it and so will we. Both teams will be better for it. It’ll be a great game, can’t wait!
  3. Good! How are y’all? It’s getting close to hot summer conditioning for sure. I think that there’s a lot of work to do, but am confident that they’ll get it done. I’m especially looking forward to pre-district games. Iron sharpening iron and all.
  4. They do look good, still work to be done this summer though. I’m always impressed by Coach Fiezel’s ability to redirect his team’s attention from noise to the work at hand.
  5. Much smaller, but exceeding more successful. Just sayin’.
  6. I understand. I probably reacted a little harshly. Just feel bad that this family’s private business is under the microscope. Blending families is difficult even without public scrutiny.
  7. Sounds like you know this family personally. If not, you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time poking around in their divorce decrees and living arrangements. The fact that you even use the term scouting department demonstrates that you are as jealous as Sherman is. And the fact that some fictional ball was dropped would indicate to any reasonable observer that there was no recruiting going on at all, otherwise GT would have five outstanding QBs to choose from. As it stands GT still has four outstanding QBs and a new special teams coach. The only one hurt is Phoenix, and I hate even using the word “hurt”. From everything I’ve heard from Sherman people and from Gunter people is that he’s a great kid aside from sports. He’ll figure it out with his family and he’ll do just fine I’m sure. Sherman’s just petty. I’m wondering if this head fb coach will break four seasons. I’m betting he won’t unless he wins the Axe back and soon.
  8. Agreed. Not a good look Sherman.
  9. They won’t be competitive with or without him.
  10. I slept just fine but not enough. Should have caught a few more zzzs - going to all three games today. GT will be fine. I’m sure they are more than ready for the four quarters battle ahead of them. In Fiezel We Trust, right? Couldn’t be more proud of this group, seniors especially. Hoping KK gets a play in somehow, that’d mean the world to all of them. Anyway, I’m waxing sentimental this morning. Safe travels and Get’em Tigers!
  11. I had no doubt. You’re the best for doing all the number mashing! We appreciate it. Sometimes I’m hesitant to ask for them, kind of like last year’s against Canadian. Ignorance is bliss, lol! Anyway, thanks for the indulgence!
  12. @Pax Pretty sure that this is on your to do list, but could you do your predictions for the two 3AD2 semifinal games?
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