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  1. Yes, and Helman. Is Tokarz the lefty?
  2. Those were the best preseasons we’ve had. You are right, it did make us better. I’d make that drive again, no hesitation.
  3. I heard that they had a lot of kids out for grades. Maybe that’s it? But the predistrict game probably helped make the decision. It’s still sad.
  4. I am too. Do you think it was the weather that got in their way? They kind of relied on big pass plays.
  5. In the Varsity game Howe scored first. TD's were traded a couple more times until GT started pulling away. Howe has a solid QB that can connect on the long passes. They were able to spread GT line out and get through those gaps quick like. I believe #1 was their running back, key on him. #24 is kind of their utility guy, big and fast. Those are their three top players. We had three or four guys pressure the qb regularly, but he is very slippery. Also, one thing that made the game kind of hard to watch Howe will use every second of the play clock every time. It was really irritating. I'm not a football scholar, but that is what I saw.
  6. Subvarsity scores in case anyone is interested: 7th GT 40- Howe 0 8th GT 38- Howe 6 JV White (freshmen) played Celina GT 22- Celina 0 JV Blue (Sophomores) GT 72- Howe 0 30 may be too conservative for varsity and probably is. We’ll see.
  7. Well, started school in Gunter that is. As 7th and 2nd graders.
  8. My kids started in Gunter in 2014, you'd think I would have remembered that. Thanks for the info!
  9. Howe is coming off a big win against Leonard and Gunter beat Bells last week. Popular opinion is a blow out for Gunter, an opinion I happen to agree with. Your thoughts?
  10. Bells will give Gunter their best competition in district, I just don’t think it’ll be enough. GT by 2+ scores.
  11. Would’ve been great week one. Couldn’t find a game, 3 teams scheduled GT and then cancelled.
  12. Maybe, but after the first couple of GT scores everyone played.
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