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  1. Best of luck to Ponder and Chase. Eustace gonna be a tough gig, wasn’t Chase the head at Frankston for a year or 2?
  2. This might be the best post I’ve seen on here
  3. Sounds like they found their guy according to Stepp. “Current East Tx assistant @ a larger school”
  4. Congrats to Coach Savell. Forgot, what happened to Stone?
  5. I’ve heard before that their coordinator role is split, baseball coach is over some boys sports, and football is over other boys sports, guessing probably football and track?
  6. Is Blackwell leaving too?
  7. 1/2 will be between Van and Canton. 3/4 will be between Mabank and Brownsboro. Athens and Wills Point will miss playoffs
  8. Have hired within the past couple times, don’t see that happening this time though due to lack of success lately.
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