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  1. Should be. As of right now Id say Troup is most likely #1. And any of Arp, Edgewood, Grand Saline, West Rusk could finish 2-5.
  2. Should be a good game. Will mean a lot come seeding time at the end of district. This district should be pretty competitive top to bottom minus 1-2 teams
  3. Van looked very good in their last scrimmage
  4. Van is headed to Grand Saline on Thursday
  5. How’d Daingerfield look in there scrimmage?
  6. Daingerfield vs Grand Saline
  7. I figure teams are definitely going live in every scrimmage. Any scrimmages in the area tonight? I know some are tomorrow
  8. Troup got a ton coming back. Probably the team to beat I’d say. District is up for grabs though I think between about 4 teams
  9. 1. Troup 2. Grand Saline 3. Arp 4. Edgewood 5. West Rusk 6. Winona 7. Quitman
  10. District should probably be up for grabs this year it sounds like. Surprised to see Grand Saline predicted 4th if they got 2nd last year and have a lot of returning starters.
  11. Hoping mine comes in the mail tomorrow. Live in Dallas area so surprised I haven’t gotten it yet.
  12. They have definitely been dominant, haven’t seen DCTF’s predictions for this district for the upcoming season, my magazine hasn’t came in the mail just yet.
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