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  1. It's not school related. It's a social thing. SA kids go to Nac to mingle. There is a LOT of friction. Facts!
  2. All I can say is the umpire crew from the Shelbyville/Centerville match-up should be banned! I'm not a conspiracy person, but those calls were awful! A homerun that was clearly foul. I mean CMON man! And then reversing the fair ball and calling it foul and taking away 2 runs? This will be talked about a lot. It was awful. The officials or umpires should never be that involved in an outcome.
  3. I hope so. I'm REALLY good friends with a few people from SA that are closely involved with the internal workings of all things SA. Especially the school. I know a lot about the young man and I wish him well. Let's hope he stays on course and away from Nac. The SA kids have a lot of distractions with the social rivaly with the kids from Nac.
  4. The transcript will reveal over the past year or so you trolled me multiple times with Benny Smith and the Gilmer vs Bellville game. Which is fine. Old Smoaky is mostly entertainment for me. It's nothing personal.
  5. It's in national trend to re-class. I know that, but the bit about the freshman part is misleading. There are sophomores that haven't turned 16 yet, the freshman you speak of will be nearly 17 by mid football season. I wish him well. I was just adding some perspective after you kept trolling me. Kind of like the Gilmer vs Bellville game! Or when you said Benny Smith would never see the field in Carthage I'm not always right but you have trolled me several times so these are just friendly reminders letting you know that I'm not the one you want to debate with if your facts are watered down.
  6. They live in Timpson or visit? I'm confused.
  7. Stay tuned. SA will be much improved but nothing like the recent teams that played for the regional championships. And it is a fact that the freshman you speak of is 16 years and 6 months old. Not a true freshman. The kid is a good athlete for sure, but not a true freshman. He is older than 75% of the kids that will be true Jr's next year. Facts.
  8. Renfro turned 16 in November. He is a good athlete but the freshman part is a bit deceptive. In reality he is only 18 months younger than Terry Bussy. Facts.
  9. I saw Kiotti hit a baseball 400' plus when he was 12 years old! Big League Dreams in League City. He was 6' 3" and weighed 175lbs! His voice was deeper than mine and I'm grown, and he nearly broke my hand when we shook hands!
  10. Calvin Cannon has a relative in Shelbyville that will be transferring to a school in Arlington to play quarterback this year. He will be a Jr.
  11. That's been the rumor for a long time. It started when the kids that will be Jr's this coming year were 8th grades. The big dominant kids from that team have long been gone. I'm not even sure where they came from? I suspect a few of them weren't even from SA. They had a kid on the D line that could have excelled in 2a on varsity. Where did he go? There were a few others as well. I heard a few of them were from Jasper?
  12. This hire will be interesting. A lot of people will be following closely. Good luck Lk.
  13. Where is Shelbyville? Everyone else is posted. I think I know why it isn't posted, but I'm pretty sure they have one.
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