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  1. It's a wrap. 3 regional championships in a row. Time to clear the next hurdle.
  2. The Rams represented Shelby County well. Great season! Cooper should enjoy this one. Basketball will start for them Monday after next.
  3. And the Bears win. A lot of people thought Centerville was too big and physical
  4. Not sure what Beckville was doing on the last play of the half? The clock was stopped when Williams went out at the 3. Then they got in a hurry? Could end up being costly.
  5. It's a good thing for Shelbyville that the game was called. The rain helped as well because Centerville could have scored 100.
  6. Centerville 50 Shelbyville 13. Game called with about 10 minutes left. The stadium lost power and the decision was made to call the game.
  7. I know coaching cost them the Shiner game last year.
  8. Shelbyville is way more depleted than most could imagine! This is a very young team! Heck, they will be young next year! I think SA is in the same boat with being very young and depleted?
  9. Good job Rams! I DO believe in moral victories! Just ask the 2008 NY Giants who were the victims of a close loss to the Patriots for their 16th win to complete a perfect regular season. Only to wind up 18 and 1 a few weeks later falling to the same Giants in the Big Show! In hindsight the Giants players and coaches all unanimously agreed that the close regular season loss to the GREAT Patriots gave them the confidence they needed to go on their magical run. I know this is high school and much different but the Rams HAVE to be feeling pretty good about their team and their chances to go far in the playoffs! Congrats to the Bears on a hard win! I think now they will really go on a tear! Will possibly meet Joe for the regional championship. I hope so.
  10. The Wing T offense is known for a high injury rate. All the moving parts in such a close vicinity. I agree about Gandy turning things around and the overall success but there have been some absolute track teams over there! They have a multitude of athletes now that would do well in a more modern offense. You can still be a run dominant team and throw the ball.
  11. Garrison by fiddy. I watched the Sandies play a depleted Dragons team last week and gave up 55 points to them! Garrison should go up by 40 or 50 at half and be resting starters and playing younger subs in the 2nd half.
  12. I think Joaquin has a really good old school type team. It would be fun to see them come out in the spread In all honesty had they ran a passing offense over the last 15 years or so they might have a championship? I've talked to a super good AD just across the state line that agrees with me. Timpson wins here but I could see these two meeting up for the region. According to the bracket of course. I'm predicting Joe will have some success running the ball and score 2 or 3 times and they hold Timpson under 50. I hope so anyway. I think a 48 to 21 type game would be worth the price of admission.
  13. I think it would!! In youth ball we always had the most problems in Joaquin because the stands are so close to the field. This was a huge factor in the mele the other night. I'm not blaming this on Joaquin. Not at all! I guess really I'm blaming the Shelbyville people more than anything? But yes, a neutral field would help.
  14. I agree with the excitement levels and overall atmosphere of a big game. It can be almost other worldly, but when Sville and Joaquin meet up I would like to see our fans about 20 to 30 yards further back! Lol I have family and friends in Joaquin and while coaching youth ball I made several close acquaintences that are on going. Met some good people that really cared about the kids of all towns involved. Make no mistake though. They get extra fired up for Shelbyville. Even if it's a Tee ball game! Lol I think it's just a Shelbyville/Joaquin thing? It's kind of in our DNA to not like each other when we play football. We had an almost identical incident on youth football day in Joaquin back in 2014. Ironically, some of the same perpetrators back then were some of the same ones during the recent mele. There are some move ins involved as well, but they weren't the only problem. They just exacerbated the situation. I don't know the answer but it sure doesn't hurt to acknowledge that this thing has turned into a little more than just a cross town rivalry. I had some ideas after the 2014 youth ball incident but I couldn't get anybody that mattered to listen. . Im still trying.
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