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  1. It's not only Garrison winning games against lesser opponents. Who is really any good in small school East Texas ball anymore? I know Timpson is good. Beckville is decent, and then who? Garrison maybe? I've watched more 2 and 3a teams this year than I have in a long time, and I see a BUNCH of young, smallish, non aggressive teams that look like they don't practice much. Outside of Timpson I haven't seen a small school team that could play within 50 or 60 points of the old school powerhouse teams. Like SA, Alto, Tenaha, Joaquin, Garrison, Elysian Fields, etc.
  2. I agree on your additions. I didn't see any of those in person, but I just completely forgot about Deon Jenkins. He absolutely belongs on the list! I actually saw him up close and in person! As in he ran over me in practice several times Lester Belrose was a QB, but I know he ran a lot. In college he was an All American safety at Baylor I think?
  3. Yes, it was back in 2018 just a few weeks shy of his 21st birthday. He was an extremely special kid to a lot of people. Football obviously made him well known but he was also very loved away from sports.
  4. Shelbyville 1. Waymon Bolton. 78, 79, 80. Broke out as a sophomore on a STACKED team with a 2500 yard season. For some reason there are no records for that year. Only his Jr and Sr year in which Shelbyville moved up to 2a (3a now ) In 79 they finished 2nd in district only losing to Newton! He was also an amazing punt returner. He had 5 in one game against West Sabine and no telling how many others. Made All State in 1980 in 3a. He played at Texas Tech and stood out as punt returner. Died in a motorcycle crash near Waco at the age of 49. RIP 2. Octavian Burrell. 2012-2015. Too many accolades to list, but holds most of the school records. Suffered a torn Achilles during a Thursday practice before the week 8 game of his Jr year. He reinjured it in Bi District the next season. Died in a very tragic car accident just a few years after graduating. The event shook Shelbyville to it's core! He was probably the most loved student to ever graduate from there! Words can't describe what he meant to so many people and football was only a fraction of his legacy. RIP Legend. 32 Strong! 3. Micky Smith. Class of 78. Had a few massive years, but missed one season with a broken leg. 4. Thomas Swearingen 1980 to 1982. Is very underrated, and hardly mentioned with the Shelbyville greats, but is very deserving. He had 3 solid years with one being a district MVP. I don't think there are any stats from his era? They could have been destroyed when the field house was vandalized in 1986 or 87? All of the old VCR film to include a BUNCH of 8mm stuff from the 60's was completely destroyed. 5. Tracey Bolton 1986-1988 (played linebacker at SFA) 6. Jesten Brown 2007-2009 All State 2009 with around 1600 yards rushing. 7. Michael Andrew's. 2005 -2007. Another underrated running back and football player. Unfortunately Shelbyville moved up to 3a his Sr Year. They were way out matched. Also worthy of mention are Josh Payne class of 2001 (I think) and Jaylon Brinson class of 2020. Old school: 50's and 60's : Lamar Smith, Calvin Cannon, Johnny Fleming, Mac Warren (Qb that ran)
  5. Nail biter! Hawkins might still make the playoffs. I'm not even joking! SA beat Colmesneil 83 to 0 in a bi district game about 4 years ago!
  6. Sorry to say this to my Joaquin friends, but I'm afraid they will struggle to win one this year. They just don't look very Joaquin like.
  7. Good luck to the Rams as well. I still think 3rd and 4th place is up for grabs. I predict it will get very interesting.
  8. Joaquin lost a lot to graduation! Two guys even went on to play college ball, and there are a lot of young players on the team as well. Also, y'all are a victim to what is going on everywhere which is the small towns dying out. I've (by chance) watched several local junior high teams this year, and it's bad! I mostly see a bunch of smallish, non aggressive kids that don't know how to play football. These same kids are inside playing video games or horsing around on Tiktok. Even in the financially disadvantaged communities that used to be alive with street basketball, sandlot baseball, or backyard football is no more. I've been watching this phenomenon progress for about 15 years or so. On top of that most of the really good athletic kids are transferring to bigger schools, or places where they have an opportunity to play on a good team. I can't blame those families at all! I believe in loyalty, but why would a family with a good football player waste away in a place where they have no chance for recognition? Baseball and basketball are a little different because of select ball and AAU, but even those organizations are getting watered down with politics and privleage. Deep in my heart I hope I'm wrong about all of this, but it's not looking good. In my opinion times aren't changing anymore. They have changed.
  9. Elysian Fields had the same problem against Shelbyville. They stayed in the red zone but didn't score a single time. Shelbyville is not even remotely good defensively but they have managed to make redzone stops the past two weeks. They must be doing something right?
  10. 48 to 14 final. I was a bit surprised in this one. I expected a closer game. Just from listening I heard a lot of upperclassmen making plays for Shelbyville.
  11. 41 to 14 Shelbyville with 9:29 left.
  12. 28 -14 Shelbyville. . Rams scored on the opening drive of the 2nd half.
  13. From the sound of it the Dragons are laying it on. A lot of upperclassmen making plays.
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