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  1. I think it will be an epic battle for the 3 spot. I hate to sound critical but it seems that a lot of the teams are down. A lot of youth and a few teams lost a lot of Sr's. Another sad dynamic is the fact that the small towns are fading away. Around the area so many teams are having the same problems. Low numbers, very young teams, and good players transferring. The teacher/coaching shortage is also a factor. I hear that it's very hard to hire coaches.
  2. This has been a very uneventful Joaquin/Shelbyville week! I did hear that a Ram player burned a Shelbyville Jersey Apparantly it was posted to a social media page? I think it's interesting that both teams are coming off of a bye. They have had time to get healthy and prepared. I will be disappointed if there are a lot penalties and miscues
  3. Definitely an important game for a lot of Shelbyville folks, but I'm not so sure it's not just as important for the Joaquin folks as well? This goes for all sports! I think if they played marbles there would still be a few fights, and possibly an arrest or two! On a serious note rivalries can be a lot of fun, but in my humble opinion this one has gotten out of hand. I hope nothing ugly happens on or off the field. As for the game I think it will be close. Joaquin is young, and Shelbyville like most small towns these days has issues with low numbers and participation. The past few years Shelbyville has been in a lot of 60 to 58 type games. Almost Madden like where they Sim through the defense and have 12 or 13 hundred yards combined offense! This drives me nuts, but is common on all levels. Shelbyville is due in this matchup so I'm taking them at home by 6 or less.
  4. Definitely a tough week but it will be tough for everybody! The Bears could literally beat some good 4a teams! Daingerfield took Center to the wire and from my understanding they were missing a key starter, plus they had depth issues. Timpson beat Daingerfield with a limited Terry Bussy so yea, tough week! Of note, 3rd place in this district is absolutely wide open! Outside of the top 2 there isn't a clear-cut 3rd. Good luck going forward.
  5. I admitted long beforehand that I was just talking smack.
  6. Out of curiosity how many O linemen are coming back for Timpson next year? Obviously they are losing a bunch of great players, but if they have a solid O line I think they will still be a good playoff team.
  7. Actually I'm not trolling. Daingerfield is a 3A D2 school. I've heard a lot of talk of how Center would challenge Carthage. I don't see it happening. And I was legitimately giving Dangerfield major props!
  8. I've heard a lot of Center people say they can hang with Carthage. In my true opinion I think they actually could in some years. Year in and year out Center has skills players that are as good or better than Carthage. The big guys in the trenches are a different story though. I don't know how Carthage comes up with all those big kids every year? In Center I suspect a lot of them don't play by the time they get to high school.
  9. Heck of a job by the 3A D2 team!! Wow! The talk of Center hanging with Carthage? Carthage by fiddy! Fawty by halftime!
  10. Marshall is outmatched in a major way. They had a little success early with the run, but it didn't last. . Halftime. Game over.
  11. I don't know what has happened either, but it's definitely happening. In Shelbyville we have a good chance to go 7 -2 with a team that would have struggled to go 2 and 7 for the better part of 40 years. The small towns are fading away.
  12. I'm just talking straight smack I've followed Carthage since 2017 and been in attendance for every championship since then. I would love to see a good game every now and then The fact that Marshall is 5a there is at a least a chance for one.
  13. I'm a Carthage fan. Of the bandwagon variety
  14. It appears the Wolves are still experiencing significant growing pains. They are obviously loaded with young athletes, but they have to get the mistakes under control to be a factor. Anahuac appears to be a good 3a D1 school. This will be a tough task for SA, but in my opinion a great game to prepare for district. The Dragons have been pillow fighting
  15. Historically Center has played smaller schools in pre district. And any example with Shelbyville is a poor one. They don't even have enough participation to consistently field a JV team. They might have played 6 JV games in the last 5 years or so, and half of those they played Jr's and Sr's to even have enough. Shelbyville is a hot mess, and just a whisk away from being completely irrelevant in football. That's not taking a jab at the coaching staff either! The problems have been there long before the current one. It's been much of the same for the last 20 years or so! Just look at the constants and there in lies the problem(s)
  16. I doubt Carthage will score 5 td's total in the whole game. I think they will score about 24 points.
  17. Thats a good over/under. I guess slightly over. 2 td's with 2 ints.
  18. EF got in the red zone all night against Shelbyville but didn't score a single point. I did a little research and in 2 scrimmages and 3 games they have only scored one touchdown! I think the trend continues and Beckville wins by at least 50.
  19. I don't really have a good answer for your question. Without being too critical I just think Marshall will be too much overall and win a close one.
  20. Center being a WAY bigger school should win this one by 30 plus. For some reason they always play smaller schools and never seem to blow many of them out
  21. The current Carthage team is different than in previous years. Against good teams they will have to grind it out on the ground, and make big defensive plays. In my humble opinion Marshall will be too much.
  22. To EF's credit they moved the ball at will. They had at least 4 drives stall out very deep in our territory. There is a clear blueprint to easily beat Shelbyville. I hope Joaquin, SA, West Sabine and Grapeland aren't paying attention
  23. Shocker! Alto must have gotten a lot better since week one! They looked like a really young team in rebuild mode. I would have bet a hefty sum that SA would have won this one big.
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