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  1. I'm sad for the families effected. Kids should be allowed to transfer if their families can pull it off.
  2. Not seeing a lot of talk here at old smoaky about this district. It's usually very lively. I'm from Shelbyville and my son is an incoming freshman quarterback. It's hard to make a prediction on where we will finish. It all depends on how well our offensive line plays. They struggled mightily last year. Injury and not understanding the scheme were the two culprits. This year they will be very young up front, but as usual there will be a nice stable of skills players. I expect Joaquin to be better than people are predicting and SA as well. Timpson of course will rule for at least a few more years and I don't have a clue about Garrison nor Grapeland. Good luck! I hope everyone has a productive and injury free year. I coached nearly all of the kids you will see in Shelbyville in youth ball over the past 8 to 10 years in all 3 sports. I love them all and most of them like me. Some of the parents don't feel the same, but it's all good.
  3. I wasn't there, but I bet if Timpson had that last series back they would run Bussey on all 3 of those plays. Oh well, good season Bears.
  4. I wish Timpson well, but it will take a miracle for them to beat Shiner. The SA team two years ago was the best out of this region in a while. Timpson is good but not nearly as good as that SA team. Shiner is as good or better than the Refugio team that beat SA.
  5. My 15 year old son broke his a few years ago, and it was an ordeal. It healed fine, but it took him a while to overcome the mental part. He is mostly a basketball player.
  6. The freshman quarterback that broke his collarbone in week 5 had 1k yards and a 70% completion percentage and 11 td's to that point. He didn't play with the 1's very much in the scrimmage. Those stats are padded some with the jet pass and a lot of RAC, but the kid can pass. He broke his collarbone, but it's well now. He could be cleared to play next week, or the week after for sure. Shelbyville also got two key skills players back two weeks ago that hadn't played all year. Lister and Davis.
  7. I am a Shelbyville guy, and Joaquin is our enemy. Not so much me personally. I think some rivalries go too far and the Shelbyville/Joaquin rivalry is redonkulous!! In the midst of the madness I have watched Joaquin play quite a lot, and in my opinion they are the most stubborn bunch I've ever seen! For years now they have had too many fast athletic kids to run that ancient offense where everybody goes up the middle. They generally have a nice stock of behemoth type linemen as well!
  8. I'm trying to get there. Running way late! Dandy Don hasn't updated anything. Lol
  9. Shelbyville has to tackle better than they have been or it will be tough to win. I know that is cliche, but tackling has been atrocious!
  10. I think the Rams will give it a good go. I hope they pull it out.
  11. An exciting game. AT&T has decided that my interaction will be sporadic at best. Good luck Dragons.
  12. Fireworks! Rams strike quick. 2 point conversion no good! Dragons 16 Rams 14. . 7:30 left in the half. Great atmosphere here in Rams stadium on the nice new turf.
  13. Good game. The Rams have put the ball on the carpet numerous times but fortunately for them they have recovered them all. Some great 4th down stops by both teams and some physical football! ! Dragon Sr Jakorey Stanley making some noise! ! ! I think the Rams might have overlooked Brayden Hand as well. . He has delivered at WR so far. Just some quick highlights through the eyes of a Dragon fan.
  14. I'm amazed at how many schools have the same problem. . I hear in smaller schools maybe time is an issue. I can't quite buy that one I
  15. It has been an odd year for injuries. Had no idea about the 30 stitches! I hope he recovers soon.
  16. Sorry to hear that. I sincerly wish him a speedy recovery. My little group of 7th, 8th and 9th graders managed to make it through youth ball with no major injuries. . This year they have lost 3 for the season, and a few have missed significant time. As their old coach it's a hard thing to watch them go through. . It's part of it though.
  17. I wouldn't be shocked to see Joaquin win, but I can say that Shelbyville is better than they are getting credit for. In my opinion they can hang with the better 2a teams if they will just tackle.
  18. 7th Shelbyville 26 Garrison 22 8th Shelbyville 34 Garrison 22
  19. A lot of suspense in this classic match up! Probably come down to the last play! I'm sure all the games will be close for the Bears during district play On a serious note I think someone will give them a scare
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