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  1. Any hints on who this might be? I've heard a 'college guy' but no details on him
  2. Administration just can't seem to get out of its own way! Constant turnover and no support will have this place in the dumpster for a LONG time!
  3. What direction will Sherman take? Someone on staff since it's this late in the off-season?
  4. From what I've heard, combining football back with Boy's AD and Wood was told he wasn't the man for the job anymore.
  5. They have a really great turf field. I have heard rumors that they are building a brand new fieldhouse right now as well. Lots of upgrades at BR the last couple of years.
  6. When is this supposed to be announced officially?
  7. He is a great guy, and a really good coach! I think he will do a great job with the kids at RC!
  8. Yeah that's the story that I always heard growing up in that area. Not sure the actual truth behind it though...
  9. It's actually a crazy story of how Blue Ridge became green school colors. They were originally blue
  10. Sounds about right for that dumpster fire
  11. Blue Ridge has really good facilities for a school their size. Also had a pretty good JV and JH teams a couple years ago, I would think they could be competitive..
  12. Anybody heard anything about this lately?
  13. Any word from LO? Are they going to wait until a new supt is hired to make decision on football coach?
  14. Wonder if they have an in-house candidate? Judging by the posting the HFC has to teach as well. I would think that would limit the quality of applicants
  15. Sounds like the current coach is not wanted by the board..
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