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  1. You can call it 'cheating' all you like, but the fact is that a group of petty adults are hindering a great kid from being able to play his sport his senior year.
  2. Leonard doesn't have much talent coming up or returning. They are losing one of the best players in DJ Brown, how are they going to replace that production? Also, the new AD/HFC testified in the Gunter transfer situation so I'm willing to bet that Gunter is going to drop as many as they want on them when they play.
  3. Stepp officially tweeted that Justin Dozier, Sherman OC, is the new AD/HFC at Leonard
  4. Yes. The job is posted on THSCA. Posting says the previous coach is going into admin
  5. Stepp tweeted to expect a current Texoma coordinator for this one. If you're info is correct, it would be the Sherman OC
  6. Any hints of who the coach on staff is?
  7. I know for sure Water Valley was 6 man and they are making the move to 11 man. I'm not sure about Sterling City
  8. I'm pretty sure Whitmire from TB is going to Water Valley with Coach Boles.. not the guy from Quinlan Boles
  9. I believe I know who you're referring to now
  10. Who is this 'Tiger' you're referring to?
  11. Any new information on this? Number of applicants or rumblings of who is interested?
  12. I think he'd be great for Cumby, I just don't know if he wants that much responsibility at this point in his career. Could be wrong though!
  13. I believe we are thinking of the same individual. After he got out of coaching, he was just a teacher and maybe the announcer for some bulldog football games.
  14. Correct. I believe he was a paris wildcat at one point in his career.
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