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  1. Not offended at all. I said what I said and stand by it.
  2. Sounds like to me you "think" they need a coach. As you know thru PMs between you and I, my allegiance is not with your Cards, I just know and communicate with families in the community and catch some games bc I know families from other schools in the district. As for coaching credentials, I used to coach but knew it wasn't for me. I'm competent to know when it's time to call it quits. Others need to be the same way...hint hint! Well i guess the quitting did happen, but in a different manner.
  3. Interesting. What are you implying? I know what they should be doing.
  4. Not sure. Sabine's offensive scheme need/must change. Too predictable and does not fit the personnel.
  5. Not sure. Sabine's offensive scheme need/must change. Too predictable and does not fit the personnel.
  6. Boyd is a stud WR, but Tatum's run game was lethal in 2020. The QB was the best in the district hands down. He improved in a major way.
  7. I was not at the GW playoff game due to work. Have asked some of my GW buds what happened, but didn't get a clear answer. I knew MV would be a problem bc of their passing game. Sabine gave other teams the blueprint on how to hang (not necessarily beat) GW. Bad thing is that Sabine abandoned the perfect game plan. Never will understand why. All they had to do is continue setting up the run with the pass and get out of that "vanilla" defense they were in. Sabine's DC must never heard of Cover 2 Man and Cover 2 Zone. That's how other teams were able to contain Allen. A real DC is needed over in
  8. Sabine will miss the speedy WR that's graduating this year. His numbers will be hard to replace. When it's all said and done, playoff positioning will come down to the old foes... GW/Tatum/WO/Sabine and maybe ATL.
  9. I have Tatum winning district also, just didn't want to be the first to say it. GW will make noise as long as they have Allen. The same could be said for Sabine if the coaches use the talent correctly. Their QB is a better WR and the DC gotta have some sense, you have two stud CBs, move them back to CB and run a defensive scheme that fits your personnel, not the opposite. GV/Koff both are losing some key players.
  10. Totally agree. The region weakens going into next year. Other districts that are graduating a lot talent. MV/Potts are losing some top tier talent just to name a couple. "Our" district should be bumping heads in the playoffs. If not, it'll be due to coaching.
  11. Tatum impressed me this year also, although I'm somewhat bias due to family ties. The QB looked impressive and the run game, WOW! Tatum will be something to deal with next year especially when some teams are graduating some studs.
  12. I agree Gladewater was a disappointment. I expected at least two rounds. Once a team figured out all they had to do was throw on GWs defensive backs, they would have a fighters chance. As for Sabine, they had enough talent to finish 4th place even after their stud DE was lost for the season. Sabine exposed a lot of teams defensive weaknesses, but didn't stick with it (ex: pass the ball just as much as run the ball prior to getting down by two or more TDs).
  13. Over - White Oak Under - Sabine Looking forward to see WO build on 2020 success. That squad was coached up very well this year.
  14. Totally agree. Although I'm not directly a Sabine faithful, I do know several are livid this morning. Sabine along with GW should have a piece of the playoffs already clinched. A lot is being said in that community and it's not good and it's very evident why.
  15. I'd agree the PI was a horrible call. But to avoid that call, #5 should've at least peaked back to make it look like he was playing the ball. Most refs still would not have pulled their flag.
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