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  1. Moving slowly. Edgewood was eliminated in round one of the baseball playoffs. Hiring process has just begun. My bold prediction here is if they don't already have a guy in mind, the AD/OC acts as they HFC for this season only and this job opens back up after the completion of their football season. It's hard to find the right guy, but is super easy to find the wrong guy. May get a better pool of candidates in the winter and the OC would do a great job for a year. He is a great man and coach. Just what I think could happen.
  2. Well it sounds like he will be a perfect fit in Grapeland then!
  3. It'll go up, got to start paying on that turf!!
  4. Especially in baseball. Roberts has had a ton of recent success.
  5. No, do not expect any action until baseball playoffs are over. This one will happen really late, but very quickly once the process starts. No favorites or anything, the AD is the baseball coach and they are still playing.
  6. It will be Gary, even though they barely scraped one out vs SA last night. Gary should make quick work of them today.
  7. At least for the boys side. Some people like the J with the ram head that is on the gym, but I think the J by itself looks super clean.
  8. I have seen Grapeland play some baseball this year......if their behavior is any indication of the culture of the school....run away. Parents and players acted like a bunch of idiots. Place has always been a revolving door and I see why. I know they are on their third baseball coach this year (one quit, one was Ward after the first guy quit, now it is an assitant) but Grapeland needs a culture change.
  9. Best seat in the house is still at the oil change place across the street.
  10. He is a very good coach. I think that is what will end up happening.
  11. The head basketball job at SA is posted. So, Barnes will not be doing both.
  12. Yeah the timing of this is very strange. Also, tons of turnaround at Grapeland. Makes you wonder what it is like over there.
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