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  1. If there are "elements" then it would be impossible to get those games in in that 3-4 day time frame too. Who is going to sign up to possibly beat their field to death. Jerry World is the perfect choice.
  2. I'm back! Timpson Lorena China Spring Chapel Hill Crosby Waskom Mt. Vernon Shiner Gilmer Gunter
  3. Wortham Bremond Tenaha Mart Oakwood Newton Woodville Shelbyville Crosby
  4. Well the district didn't turn out to be very good so..........probably. Timpson will win handedly, but everyone who is here deserves to be here.
  5. This is good! I love stuff like this.
  6. Maybe the kids that go to Mount Pleasant just aren't very good football players? Your kid didn't play as much as you think they should have huh?
  7. I heard this one is only being broadcast on them xxx sites because Carthage is going to F Gatesville up.
  8. I am not sure that many in city limits picked them either
  9. I have a feeling the Gunter posters will be around for several more weeks
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