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  1. Free clothes and free food, can't beat it.
  2. I don't think there are many readers on ol smoaky.com
  3. Congrats to Jared Jones! Nobody embodies Joaquin like he does.
  4. They were really dang good too.
  5. My grandpa used to always say: If bullfrogs carried shotguns, then snakes wouldn't mess with them.
  6. One of the best in the business. Lawson gets a lot out of his kids. Waskom will be very pleased!
  7. First time watching the 6 man state championships. Felt a lot like watching JH football when one team has a kid who has already fully matured and the other team is all prepubescent booger eaters.
  8. I would like my school to opt down to 1A please and thank you.
  9. It is usually one of your own people who try to turn you in. Very few regular parents actually know the rules regarding what is allowed and what isn't. It's usually a disgruntled member of your own community. Which is a shame, because if they would have spent more time playing catch with their kids or working on skills and less time googling UIL rules everybody would get along fine
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